Peet’s Coffee Winter Menu glitters with golden lattes

Peet’s Coffee Winter Menu features Golden Lattes, photo provided by Peet's Coffee
Peet’s Coffee Winter Menu features Golden Lattes, photo provided by Peet's Coffee /

While the holiday season was full of peppermint flavors and other sweeter notes, the start of the new year often switches the focus to brighter, more robust flavor. Even if some people resolve to healthy food and beverage choices, the reality is that the morning latte habit is one ingrained in some people’s routines. With the Peet’s Coffee Winter Menu, golden lattes are brewing 2023 in a flavorful and colorful direction.

At the start of the New Year, many people turn to functional beverages to help boost their healthy eating habits. Although some people might prefer to have that coffee in their mug, they can be looking for more flavorful ways to add some benefits to the sip.

Golden lattes have become a popular choice not just for the glimmering color but also for their use of turmeric. While people can make their own choices about the benefits of the robust spice, that flavor has boosted many a coffee drink.

But, some coffee shops might not be using the same ingredients. Just like people can tell the difference between new spices and ones that have been kept in the cabinet too long, genuine turmeric can produce a better golden latte.

Peet’s Coffee Winter Menu
Peet’s Coffee Winter Menu features Golden Lattes, photo provided by Peet’s Coffee /

On the Peet’s Coffee Winter Menu, the Peet’s Coffee Golden Caffe Latte is a golden milk latte with espresso. The spiciness of the ginger contrasts the espresso forte. Balancing those notes are the turmeric, cinnamon and honey. The brand considers it a “wellness-centered” coffee-forward beverage. In addition to the Golden Caffe Latte, the Peet’s Winter Menu will feature a Golden Chai Latte and Golden Cold Brew Oat Latte.

Continuing the theme of new year, new beginnings, Peet’s Coffee is bringing back its Ethiopian Super Natural. This particular coffee supports the company’s Regrow Yirga project, which assists farmers in Ethiopia. Their efforts help to improve coffee quality and productivity.

Lastly, there is a tasty food offering joining the Peet’s Coffee Winter Menu. The Toasted Caprese Sandwich is an all-day offering that is familiar yet flavor. Topped with mozzarella and fontina cheese, the herb-marinated roasted tomatoes with pesto are bright and zesty. Served on toasted focaccia, it is a satisfying bite.

Even though the chill might have passed for the moment, the Peet’s Winter Menu will launch January 4, 2023. More information can be found at restaurants once the menu arrives in stores.