Worst hangover foods to eat the morning after the overindulgence

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(Photo by Alexi Rosenfeld/ Getty Images) /

While that second bottle of sparkling wine might have seemed like a good idea, the final round before the last call was just too good to resist, or shots were apparently a moment of levity, the next day could be full of regrets. From the pounding head to the churning stomach, the desire to erase the night’s indiscretions is high. But, there is only moving forward to feel better. Just make sure to avoid these worst hangover foods, even though they might be very tempting.

Although the best medicine is prevention, that advice is too late into the experience when the hangover takes hold. At that point in time, it is about making better food choices to help alleviate the current situation.

Many people have their tried and true method of avoiding the downside to the playfulness of the previous night. Even though people should have sipped that water hours ago, some people might hope that the electrolytes drunk before bed or even eating some Taco Bell before dreamland will save them. It might work for some, but those last ditch efforts might be ill conceived.

What are the worst hangover foods?

Putting aside the comment about an ounce of prevention, the reality is that one thought, the hair of the dog, ie have another drink, is part of the worst hangover foods club. It might bring back that buzz, but it only continues the dehydration cycle. That Bloody Mary might look appetizing, but it might only prolong the agony.

And, for the people who believe the heavily garnished Bloody Mary even more beneficial because of the bacon, slider, or even chicken wing, they would be mistaken. The idea that heavy, fried food can “soak up” that liquor is not true.

If someone’s stomach is already doing flips, adding heavy, greasy, and fried food can be a recipe for disaster. It might be better to have some simple eggs and toast versus that over the top breakfast sandwich.

Lastly, coffee might help get the eyes opened after that late night but it only adds to the dehydration problem. It could be a short term pick-me up, but the better choice might be some electrolyte water and a cold shower.

Basically, the worst hangover foods are the ones that are not kind to a person’s stomach on a regular day. Acid from orange juice, caffeine from coffee, and fatty foods should be off the table.

More importantly, avoid the overindulgence. Enjoying a mocktail, drinking a water in between libations, and curbing consumption will make the worst hangover foods conversation silent.