Dutch Bros brings back a fan favorite beverage to kick off 2023

Dutch Bros brings back fan favorite beverage, White Chocolate Lavender, photo provided by Dutch Bros
Dutch Bros brings back fan favorite beverage, White Chocolate Lavender, photo provided by Dutch Bros /

While some people might be having that holiday hangover, Dutch Bros is ringing in the New Year with a colorful treat. A fan favorite beverage is back, and everyone is raising a glass to sweet life. 2023 is all about the White Chocolate Lavender.

Throughout the past year, food companies were listening to their loyal customers. From social media campaigns to petitions, favorite menu items made their triumphant return. Even if there were a few bumps along the way, the reality is that many popular, classic flavors satisfied that craving once again.

One popular beverage item was the Dutch Bros White Chocolate Lavender. Now the drive-thru coffee brand has brought it back to kick off 2023.

As Charles Swindler, senior vice president of brand at Dutch Bros said, “Our customers have shown their love for lavender and requested we specifically bring back White Chocolate Lavender. The calls for it were overwhelming. We’re always so stoked when we can give customers what they want!”

The White Chocolate Lavender combines the sweetness of white chocolate with the slightly floral notes of lavender. The two flavors add a mellowness to the coffee. When topped with the Dutch Bros’ signature Soft Top, it feels indulgent without becoming a sugar bomb.

The fan favorite beverage is available as a cold brew, breve or Dutch Freeze, the brand’s signature blended coffee drink. Also, a non-dairy option with oat milk is available.

It is interesting that Dutch Bros chose to bring back a fan favorite to kick off the 2023 menu announcements. While many brands are looking for flavor innovations, food trends, and other “new” concepts, the reality is that some people crave the familiar. Even if nostalgic flavors might be over served, easing into the new year with familiar can be quite satisfying.

The Dutch Bros White Chocolate Lavender will be available through March. Better to get all those sips in before Spring comes.