Chipotle Lifestyle Bowl menu makes healthy habits more convenient

Chipotle Lifestyle Bowl menu kicks off 2023, photo provided by Chipotle
Chipotle Lifestyle Bowl menu kicks off 2023, photo provided by Chipotle /

Making radical, significant food changes can be overwhelming. While people want to embrace the healthy eating lifestyle, keeping a taste of the familiar with the better for you choices can be more effective for lasting change. With the Chipotle Lifestyle Bowl menu, the commitment to healthy habits comes with an extra serving of positivity.

Food culture has evolved over the years. Certain descriptions and terms have ventured away from the “negative” connotations. Words like diet have been replaced with less restrictive concepts. It is about making beneficial choices that adapt to an overall positive lifestyle.

Putting aside that negative food word stigma is a concept that is embraced by the Millennial and Gen Z groups. Chipotle shared that a recent trend reported stated, “76% of 13 to 39-year-olds agree wellness can be anything that makes you feel good, and 90% of young people believe wellness looks different for everyone.” With that concept in mind, the Chipotle Lifestyle Bowl menu looks to embrace those diverse wellness habits.

According to Chris Brandt, Chief Marketing Officer, Chipotle, “We created seven new Lifestyle Bowls that embrace Gen Z and Millennials’ modern interpretation of wellbeing. We’re making new year’s resolutions fun by gamifying the experience and offering balanced meals made with real ingredients that you feel good eating.”

Chipotle Lifestyle Bowl menu includes seven bowl options
Chipotle Lifestyle Bowl menu includes seven different offerings, photo provided by Chipotle /

Which Chipotle Lifestyle Bowl menu item gets top billing?

To kick of the new year, the Chipotle Lifestyle Bowl menu features seven options. While each one leans towards balanced, healthy eating, the robust flavors offer tremendous eating satisfaction.

The Chipotle Lifestyle Bowl menu includes:

  • Balanced Macros Bowl
  • Veggie Full Bowl
  • Wholesome Bowl
  • Grain Freedom Bowl
  • High Protein Bowl
  • Plant-Powered Bowl
  • Go Half Veggie Bowl

Looking at each menu offering, the bowls blend the familiar with a healthy eating slant. Whether guests want an extra helping of vegetables or just want a menu choice that fits into a particular eating plan, there is an option available.

More importantly, none of the menu items come with that feeling of deprivation. As more people have come to appreciate, resolutions served with a side of denial may never stick. Small changes can have a more meaningful impact.

To help everyone keep that positive mantra going forward for the new year, Chipotle has partnered with SnapChat to create a special AR Lens. Launching on Quitters Day, January 13, exercise and meditation prompts. Also, there is an “extra” available for those users who are motivated to continue moving forward. According to the company, “One hundred thousand fans in the U.S. who complete the Snapchat challenges will earn a promo code for a free small side or topping of guac.”

As another year begins, resolve to put positivity back on the table. Whether it is enjoying an item from the Chipotle Lifestyle Bowl menu, committing to moving more, or adding some joy to the day, little steps that sweep away any negative mindset can be the resolution that will last longer than just the first weeks of the year.