Sumo Citrus season bursts into the New Year with even more deliciousness

Sumo Citrus Season kicks off 2023 with even more deliciousness, photo provided by Sumo Citrus
Sumo Citrus Season kicks off 2023 with even more deliciousness, photo provided by Sumo Citrus /

As a New Year begins, many people are looking to citrus season. While the zesty, bright flavors fight the winter doldrums, one fruit brings smiles even before the rind is peeled. Sumo Citrus season is here and there is an even bigger bounty to enjoy.

While there can be oranges, grapefruit, and other citrus varieties filling the produce section, Sumo Citrus often stands out for its unique look. That iconic top knot is not an imperfection. Instead, it is a sign of the care and craft that the farmers put into the harvest.

Sumo Citrus is a started as a quest to make the “perfect citrus fruit” by Japanese farmers. This particular fruit combines the best of Satsuma, Orange, and Mandarin citrus varieties. Now cultivated by California farmers, the larger, sweet citrus fruit is as fun to see on the shelf as it is to eat.

Sumo Citrus
Sumo Citrus features its signature top knot, photo provided by Sumo Citrus /

As Ron Steele, Vice President of Sales for Sumo Citrus said, “We’re extremely excited about this year’s crop, not only in terms of its enormous volume but also its exceptional quality. We’re so thankful to our incredible growers who have so much pride in what they do. They work tirelessly year round ensuring that, at harvest time, every single individual piece of fruit meets our unusually high standards of sweetness, taste and texture. We’re extremely pleased to bring this incredible product to more customers than ever.”

As the easy to peel fruit reveals the juicy segments, the aroma seems to brighten the moment. Even on the chilly winter day, the zesty notes bring a promise that a special treat is on the way.

The Sumo Citrus flavor has a sweetness, but it doesn’t overpower the citrus acidity. Even though these fruits are large, it is easy to eat a whole one in a single setting. From that morning delight to an afternoon pick me up, a box of these fruits will be gone quickly.

While much has been said about the fruit’s appearance and flavor, the variety packs a big nutritional value. With 163% of recommended daily Vitamin C and 3g of dietary fiber, it is an easy, convenient way to keep those healthy eating resolutions on track.

Be on the lookout for those vibrant purple boxes in the produce section. The fruits might look a little different from the other offerings on the shelf but being different should be celebrated. Sumo Citrus season is here, and it is time to enjoy its deliciousness until it fades into the memory book for another year.