Whistle Pig shakes up a zesty, bright pour that redefines the Old Fashioned

Whistle Pig and Sunkist Growers collaborate on Dry Orange Old Fashioned and Wet Orange Old Fashioned, photo provided by Whistle Pig
Whistle Pig and Sunkist Growers collaborate on Dry Orange Old Fashioned and Wet Orange Old Fashioned, photo provided by Whistle Pig /

The Old Fashioned might be a classic cocktail, but the connotation surrounding that sipper should not be tired. Adding some brightness to the glass can come by both adding, and sometimes taking away, an element. Whistle Pig is making dry, damp, or drinking January even more enjoyable with its Wet and Dry Orange Fashioned.

Whistle Pig has never shied away from forging its own path. The Vermont based rye whiskey brand appreciates the tradition and craftsmanship of the past, but it wants to push the conversation forward. While a set of questions often guide the brand’s blending decisions, it is more than just trying to move the needle forward. The blenders are not interested in progress without purpose. Like a great chef who appreciates mistakes make for a more robust flavor, taking a step back can be just as important as a big leap forward.

While beverage and liquor trends look to predict what can or should be the next great pour, one concept has continued to fill the glass over the past several years. The idea of sober curious, Dry January, and non-alcoholic spirits can shake up a robust conversation. Although many a mixologist has concocted a masterful mocktail, the heart of the drink must satisfy as much as the original inspiration. Otherwise, the drinker can feel more parched after the last sip is drunk.

Previously, Whistle Pig had offered a non-alcoholic version of its Rye Whiskey. Appreciated by both Dry January followers and others who were looking for spiritless sippers, the beverage was not just a muted version of its celebrated Rye Whiskey. It offered that mindset that flows into the bottle, just like the other offerings from the company. The complexity was there, and it satisfied.

Whistle Pig Orange Old Fashioned cocktails
Whistle Pig launched two Orange Fashioned cocktails for January, photo provided by Whistle Pig /

For 2023, Whistle Pig looked to explore another conversation in both the “wet” and “dry” cocktail space. Although the ready to drink market has seen a boost over the past several years, not all RTD beverages are equal. Convenience should not take away from craft, something that would not fly with this brand’s “boss hog.”

Joining forces with Sunkist Growers, Whistle Pig is offering a Dry Orange Fashioned and a Wet Orange Fashioned. The Dry and Wet descriptions refer to the alcohol versus non-alcohol component. These beverages are a citrus forward take on a Maple Old Fashioned.

Building off the spice notes of the whiskey rye, the sweetness of the Vermont Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup and the zesty note of the Sunkist citrus, both beverages have a brightness that cannot be denied. Although the brand recommends pairing the offerings with a Sunkist citrus garnish, an orange peel studded with some cloves or even a slightly charred orange peel can add to the drinking enjoyment.

The combination of citrus and rye is timeless. Since this liquor is often less sweet than a bourbon, the spice or pepper notes can be more rounded with some citrus. When used in a cocktail, like an Old Fashioned, all the flavor components have their moment to shine, which invites the drinker to savor every sip.

Whistle Pig Orange Old Fashioned ready to drink cocktial
Whistle Pig and Sunkist Growers collaborate on Dry Orange Old Fashioned and Wet Orange Old Fashioned, photo provided by Whistle Pig /

The Dry Orange Fashioned and the Wet Orange Fashioned is available for purchase online. The “wet” version is bottled at 35% ABV and the “dry” is at <0.5% ABV. Both bottles retail for $49.95. Proceeds from the bottles benefit Turning Tables, a restaurant industry non-for-profit organization.

Whether January is dry, damp, or soaked, the beverage in the glass needs to fulfill its flavor promise. Whistle Pig and Sunkist Growers are shining a bright, refreshing light on the Old Fashioned and your glass will not be empty for long.