7 Brew cultivates a new coffee culture one cup at a time

7 Brew iced coffee and smoothie, photo provided by Cristine Struble
7 Brew iced coffee and smoothie, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

While some people run to get that morning joe and others might see a mythical image in that latte, those coffee offerings are not the only brew to start the day. It is time to put the car in drive, shake up a new flavor, and pour an extra shot of fun into the mug. Ready to try 7 Brew?

The drive-thru only coffee concept might have started in Arkansas, but it is speeding a course for expansion. Although the coffee market can be a little jittery, this concept is looking to forge its own path. From the atmosphere to the specialty beverages, great tasting, efficient delivery, and a little happiness might be the secret to success.

According to its business page, the brand wants to “cultivate kindness and joy with every drink.” While that sentiment might seem a little lofty, the vibe, even in the drive-thru lane captures that idea. From the music played to the efficiency from order to delivery, the boost is more than just the caffeine in the coffee.

What are some of the 7 Brew signature beverages?

Although some people just want a black coffee, others prefer a more flavorful brew. The 7 Brew has the “Seven Originals.” Available hot, iced, and a chiller version, the flavors blend a touch of sweetness in every cup. For example, the Blondie is a combination of Caramel and Vanilla Breve while Smooth 7 is White Chocolate and Irish Crème Breve. The duality offers a more robust flavor. Although these options tend to be a little sweeter, the Seven Originals are for coffee drinkers who want to shake up the flavors a little more.

One of the more interesting flavors is the German Chocolate, which is a combination of coconut and caramel mocha. This flavor is not usually available at other coffee stores. It is one of the unique items that sets 7 Brew apart.

Also, the brand has an option that is an extra, extra boost of caffeine. The Triple 7 comes with six shots of espresso. Whether it is a bleary-eyed morning or an afternoon slump, this option is quick pick me up.

7 Brew coffee
7 Brew iced coffee and smoothie, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

While coffee is the focus of 7 Brew, it isn’t the only beverage on the menu. In addition to regular coffees and teas, there are Seven Energy drinks, Smoothies, and Seven Fizz, a flavor infused sparkling water. The robust menu coupled with the convenience of a quick moving drive-thru sets this brand apart from others.

The brand recently opened two new locations and it seems poised to expand even more. While the prices might be comparable to other large scale coffee chains, it wants to drive its own path. In a world where convenience and quickness have value, 7 Brew wants to be the name that coffee drinkers know.