Sir Mix A Lot says it’s time to have some fun and bring the bagel chip back, interview

Sir Mix A Lot Helps Chex Mix bring the bagel chip back, photo provided by General Mills
Sir Mix A Lot Helps Chex Mix bring the bagel chip back, photo provided by General Mills /

Whether people remember the video that infamously was pushed to MTV’s late night rotation or have come to appreciate its empowerment message that has evolved over the years, Sir Mix A Lot believes that one song does and does not define him. With the help of Chex Mix, it is time to not only bring the bagel chip back but also see how those lyrics are really well rounded.

When Chex Mix revealed its partnership with Sir Mix A Lot, the first few notes of that infamous song, “Baby Got Back” is more than a backdrop to an entertaining commercial. Many people, including the entertainer, are excited to see that bagel chip back in the snack mix. While it is a music connection between food and culture, it is more than just a creative concept. There is more to discuss around that now infamous beat.

Recently, FoodSided spoke with Sir Mix A Lot regarding this Chex Mix collaboration. Although some artists may jump at the chance to license their music to various endeavors, he looked at the bigger picture beyond the hook of a commercial. After learning from previous business endeavors, the entertainer wanted to align himself with a brand that he respected. Sir Mix A Lot recalled his first time walking the General Mills’ halls. He appreciated the company’s mindset and, for him, that connection is vital.

Sir Mix A Lot for Chex Mix
Sir Mix A Lot Helps Chex Mix bring the bagel chip back, photo provided by General Mills /

According to the entertainer, this concept is not about being a “sellout” when licensing a product. He encourages any artist to ask themselves why they are entering into this partnership and what does it reflect. When the collaboration fits all the partners involved, it is a win all around. He fells this concept hits finds that harmony.

How is Sir Mix A Lot remixing the Chex Mix with Bagel Chips?

As seen in the commercial, the classic “Baby Got Back” beat has a whole new set of lyrics. While the imagery from the commercial will have many people of a certain age remembering “that” video, it plays into the tongue and cheek in the best possible way. It hits the nostalgic vibe in many ways and that concept engages people.

When asked about one of his most famous songs, Sir Mix A Lot recalled how he did not necessarily expect that song to become so infamous, but a little controversy boosted its influence. He recalled how he thought that his career might be over after the video controversy, but that scenario led to even more notoriety. By being labeled “the forbidden fruit,” he was placed into elite company. That designation etched his name, song, and imagery into entertainment infamy.

Although the song has taken different directions over the years, Sir Mix A Lot shared that his intention was a “knee jerk reaction” to how women were pigeonholed into certain stereotypes. While he was raised by a strong, powerful woman, his “helicopter view” of that moment in time showed women placed into finite categories. Whether it is required assimilation or unrealistic portrayals, his idea was to give women the authority to take their power back. Even though there could be some laughs along the way, giving women the power in their presence, decisions, and actions is the underlying beat to that song.

In some ways, this partnership is another layer in the food and culture overlap. While food fans are becoming more vocal with favorite flavors returning to store shelves, the creative announcement of that return is equally important. Chex Mix played the right beat, and everyone is clapping along.

As people go to open a bag of Chex Mix with bagel chips, one question remained on the table. What is Sir Mix A Lot’s favorite part of the Chex Mix. His answer is clear. According to him, “the most prominent crunch” of the bagel chip makes it the high note of the snack bag. Those Chex pieces might be the background to the eating enjoyment, but the bagel chip is the star.

Chex Mix with bagel chips is available in stores now. And, Baby Got Back will be replaying in your head the rest of the day.

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