Fat Tire reimagines its iconic recipe and propels the craft beer conversation forward

Fat Tire reimagines its iconic beer recipe, photo provided by Fat Tire
Fat Tire reimagines its iconic beer recipe, photo provided by Fat Tire /

When New Belgium Brewing founded its brand, the goal was to put people first. As craft beer drinkers got the first taste of Fat Tire, the brand’s iconic Belgium-style beer, the brewer started a journey both in and out of the pint glass. After 32 years, the iconic beer recipe is taking a step forward to embrace a new taste, look, and commitment to climate solutions.

As the craft beer industry evolves, it is more than just brewing innovation that captures drinkers’ attention. Many people want to support brands that align with their personal beliefs and convictions. When a brand chooses to put its climate action initiatives into the conversation, it can make a difference to some drinkers.

At the same time, people have an expectation when it comes to their preferred beverage. That brand loyalty was built one sip at a time. When a brand announces that an iconic recipe has changed, there can be skepticism. Change can be difficult. But, if the beverage company can capture that essence which made it special, drinkers will continue to enjoy that refreshment.

With the reimagined Fat Tire, New Belgium Brewing has taken the classic Belgium-style ale in a crisp, bright direction. From the packaging to the beer in the bottle, it is time to ride forward with decisions that can make for a better planet.

Fat Tire new beer recipe and logo
Fat Tire reimagines its iconic beer recipe, photo provided by Fat Tire /

According to New Belgium Brewing CEO Steve Fechheimer, “Fat Tire has spent three decades at the center of the craft beer movement. Now, it’s time to widen the circle and inspire the next generation, too. We’ve made Fat Tire even better at what it’s always done best – taste delicious, bring people together, and spark our customers to engage in the climate movement. It’s our sincere hope that beer fans – whether they love the planet, simply love great beer, or both – will embrace the chance to change along with us.”

Given that Fat Tire is the 16th most popular craft beer brand, many beer drinkers are focused on the change in the iconic recipe. Although there is a change to that recipe, the essence of the iconic beer remains. In a way, the beer is more sessionable with this particular approach.

The first noticeable difference is the color. Previously more of an amber hue, the new beer recipe leans more golden color. There is a crispness to the medium body sip. It feels lighter, less bready.

Although the caramel notes are still there, everything seems to be brighter. It feels like Fat Tire, but with an enlivened makeover.

Overall, it is a quite approachable beer. It pairs remarkably well with a variety of foods. From that classic burger and wings to a spicy taco, the options are many.

In addition to the new recipe, the beer brand’s packaging and logo has received an update. The colors are more vibrant. More importantly, it puts its environmental initiatives front and center.

While the recipe change will get people talking, the bigger conversation is that the beer brand is “becoming certified as America’s first carbon neutral beer.” Although some breweries have become more efficient with their energy and water consumption, this designation is important not just for the brand but for the industry. Given that beer is reliant on the flourishing environment, it is imperative for companies to nourish the planet, not impede it.

As the reimagined Fat Tire recipe hits store shelves, beer drinkers will pour a pint and discover the new flavor for themselves. Just like it has done for over 30 years, the beer in the glass is only one part of the enjoyment. It is the people around the table that make the beverage even more enjoyable.