Flavorful non-alcoholic beers that beers drinkers will want beyond Dry January

Just the Haze from Sam Adams, photo provided by Samuel Adams
Just the Haze from Sam Adams, photo provided by Samuel Adams /

From Dry January to cutting back on alcohol consumption, beer drinkers want beverages that do not feel like a compromise. After sipping on that hoppy IPA or robust stout, a watered down version of that beer is worse than flat beer flowing from a keg. Fortunately, flavorful non-alcoholic beers from some popular brands are brewed beverages that live up to drinkers’ expectations.

The rise of the mocktail, non-alcoholic, and even low ABV market has risen over the past couple of years. While the labels of sober curious or other categories spark conversation, it is the brand’s commitment to putting flavorful options on the shelf which adds to the appeal. Decades ago, only a few non-alcoholic beers could be found in the sea of suds. Now, there are options for almost every beer style.

When picking a non-alcoholic beer, the flavor needs to appeal to the drinker. For example, if someone only drinks lagers, grabbing a hazy IPA is not going to be enjoyable. The opposite is also true. Why pick a light lager when a person is accustomed to a robust stout. Being mindful with choices is the most important.

Flavorful non-alcoholic beers that are worthy of another sip

Just the Haze from Samuel Adams

While your cousin from Boston might be ready with a cold one, Just the Haze from Sam Adams fooled a few beer drinkers with its flavor. As seen in the video below, it can be hard to tell the difference.

To be clear, there is a little more fruity note to the Just the Haze. While there is plenty of citrus, it is the pineapple flavor that sets it apart from other Sam Adams beers. Overall, this non-alcoholic beer has a great mouthfeel and a smooth finish. There is no compromise in this can.

Guinness 0

While many people have come to appreciate that Guinness might be dark, but the beer is not heavy. That smooth sip satisfies in the best possible way. With Guinness 0, the non-alcoholic beer delivers that same roasted, slightly sweet with a hint of bitter that people expect. Just like the traditional beer, remember to pour slowly to enjoy the best possible sip.

Hop Splash from Sierra Nevada

Described as a hoppy sparkling water, this Hop Splash from Sierra Nevada has the notes of the Citra and Amarillo that craft beer drinkers appreciate. With the fruity notes of peach, mango, and grapefruit, the flavor is bright, somewhat refreshing. This non-alcoholic beer offering is far from bland and boring.


While Dry January and sober curiosity has been growing in popularity, Japan embraced this concept for over a decade. All-Free is a non-alcoholic sparkling malt and hops beverage. Celebrated for its taste, the Suntory beverage is also zero sugar, zero calorie. Although more of non-alcoholic seltzer instead of a beer, it is a light beverage that will have an appeal to some.

Athletic Brewing Company

As seen in a recent Instacart report on the rise of non-alcoholic beverages, Athletic Brewing Company has seen a surge in popularity. Specifically, two of the brand’s original brews, Run Wild IPA and Upside Dawn Golden, were featured in the top 10 most popular non-alcoholic beers. This beer brand is known for its unique, robust offerings and it is why beer drinkers turn to it.

Lagunitas NA IPA

For Lagunitas fans, the non-alcoholic version of its iconic Lagunitas IPA is very close to the original. From the bitter notes to the pine, it is just as satisfying, just without the alcohol.

What flavorful non-alcoholic beers have joined the beer fridge? Are there some beverage swaps that are more refreshing than others?