The Great American Recipe Season 2 on PBS return date announced

The Great American Recipe Season 2 returns to PBS, photo provided by PBS
The Great American Recipe Season 2 returns to PBS, photo provided by PBS /

After a highly engaging and successful season 1, The Great American Recipe Season 2 is set to return to PBS. According to a recent announcement, Season 2 will return on Mondays starting June 19, 2023 and will run for eight weeks. While a new set of aspiring home cooks will compete for the title, the popular PBS show will see host Alejandra Ramos return as well as chef mentors Leah Cohen, Tiffany Derry, and Graham Elliot.

The Great American Recipe brought together a celebration of delicious food and culture. While some dishes were simple and others elevated, each one came with a story behind it. That personal connection made the various offerings even more flavorful. When the culture and ingenuity were balanced on the plate, the recipes were memorable.

In The Great American Recipe Season 2, viewers can expect to see a broader array of cuisines. From Native American short ribs to Guyanese Chicken Curry, Season 2 hopes to bring a more robust offering of global flavors. The table can showcase the diversity that a kitchen celebrates.

As Steve Humble, Chief Content Officer at VPM, co-producer of the series said, “The team and cast had another great experience filming the show right here in Virginia. Being able to share the participants’ touching personal stories through food is something we can all relate to. We found another batch of amazing home cooks from around the country, and we can’t wait to share another amazing array of dishes and family recipes with our audience.”

While there is a significant prize on the line in this food television competition, the show captured viewers’ interest because the dishes told a story. Each dish might have fit into a particular challenge, but there was a reason, a sentiment, a memory behind the recipe. Those thoughts were the seasoning that made even the most simple bite spectacular.

Adding to the reason why The Great American Recipe is so engaging has to do with the recipes from each episode. Similar to season one, the winner will be featured in The Great American Recipe Season 2 cookbook. Given that the home viewer can cook those dishes themselves, it takes the competition off the screen and makes the food more relatable.

The table is set, and more stories will be told on The Great American Recipe Season 2. The new season will debut on Monday June 19th and will run through August 7th. New episodes will air at 9:00 PM EST on PBS, and the PBS app.