Barilla Love pasta sparks romance one bowl at a time

Barilla Love Pasta for Valentine's Day, photo provided by Barilla
Barilla Love Pasta for Valentine's Day, photo provided by Barilla /

For some people, food is their love language. The idea of making and sharing a meal with a special someone is the perfect way to express emotion. As Valentine’s Day approaches, Barilla Love pasta is the way to bring an extra serving of romance one bowl at a time.

Recently, many people have been passionately speaking their opinions about pasta shapes. While people can debate the best shape and size for each recipe or personal preference, sometimes thinking a little outside of the traditional cut is important. It can turn a traditional dish into something special.

Around Valentine’s Day many people try to create a special meal for their loved ones. Although that Lady and the Tramp pasta scene might seem like the ultimate romantic moment, it does not have to be the only pasta shape in the bowl. This year, it is time to celebrate Barilla Love pasta.

The Barilla Love pasta is a heart shaped pasta. While many people will want this pasta for the shape, it is the pasta cut, Mezzi Rigatoni, which will make the meal even more satisfying. Since this pasta cut helps with sauce retention, it ensures that every bite is full of flavor.

As Melissa Tendick, Vice President of Marketing, Barilla Americas, said, “Each pasta shape has a story. For us, reimagining our iconic Blue Box pasta line to include this charming shape is one other way pasta enthusiasts can celebrate their love for one another and their love of pasta. There is no better way to show you care than through cooking, and we’re looking forward to seeing our fans create authentic, delicious Italian meals at home this Valentine’s Day.”

Barilla Love pasta kit giveaway for Valentine's Day
Barilla Love pasta kit giveaway for Valentine’s Day, photo provided by Barillafood /

Ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Barilla Love pasta?

As people start to plan their romantic Valentine’s Day celebrations, Barilla Love pasta wants to make the event even more special. The Barilla Love Pasta Kit will be given away online from January 18, 2023 through February 1, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

The special kit includes: one box of Barilla Love, Barilla Valentine’s cards, swag, and recipes. Most of the recipes are easy for any home cook to master. Afterall, no one wants to be stressed out cooking on a romantic evening.

In addition, one lucky person will win a trip to Italy. It would be the ultimate romantic getaway.

While many people will be pining away for this Barilla Love pasta, it is not available in stores. It can only be won via the giveaway.

Even if the Barilla Love pasta doesn’t arrive in time for Valentine’s Day, Barilla has a variety of delicious recipes online that can bring the romance to the table. After all, it is the effort that makes the dinner memorable.