Ferrero Valentine’s Day candy offerings may be mini but they bring big smiles

Ferrero Valentine's Day 2023, photo provided by Fererro
Ferrero Valentine's Day 2023, photo provided by Fererro /

As the romance builds to the February 14th celebrations, everyone is looking for sweet ways to say I love you. This year’s Ferrero Valentine’s Day candy items have a particular theme, mini treats. While the feelings might be major, indulging in that sweet treat is just the right size.

Candy and Valentine’s Day are often perfect pairs. Whether it is gift for a friend, kid, or someone special, opening a box of favorite candy will never be re-gifted. Instead of fearing that tepid response, isn’t it better to go with a gift that will always bring smiles.

As Jim Klein, chief customer officer, Ferrero USA said, “For the past several years, people have continued turning to chocolate and candy at special moments, and we look forward to helping families and friends alike come together and create more memories with our expansive portfolio of products.”

Ferrero Valentine’s Day candy
Ferrero Valentine’s Day 2023, photo provided by Fererro /

This year’s new Ferrero Valentine’s Day candy offerings include Butterfinger Valentine’s Minis, Butterfinger Mini Heart Shaped Box, CRUNCH Valentine’s Minis, CRUNCH Minis Heart Shaped Box,100 Grand Heart Shaped Box and the Assorted Chocolate Minis for Valentine’s Classroom Exchange from Butterfinger, Crunch, 100 Grand, and Baby Ruth. As seen with the list, mini treats are a theme. Whether they are the perfect size for sharing or a way to ensure that the candy is used beyond Valentine’s Day, there is something too cute about smaller treats.

While the new Ferrero Valentine’s Day candy items are all about the mini, those treats are joined by other returning favorites. Items like the Ferrero Rocher 16-piece heart box, Kinder Joy Plush Unicorn, and Mother’s Puppy Love Cookies are all classic treats. Whether the gift is one item or a combination of several choices, there are plenty of ways to creatively pair the treats.

Whether it is chocolate, cookies, or a combination of both, Ferrero Valentine’s Day candy has something for everyone. The only thing waiting is that special wording that comes with the sweet gift.