Campbell’s Chunky Ghost Pepper Chicken Noodle caters to the flavor adventurous

Campbell’s Chunky Ghost Pepper Chicken Noodle, photo provided by Campbell's
Campbell’s Chunky Ghost Pepper Chicken Noodle, photo provided by Campbell's /

While a bowl of soup might be the perfect comfort food, that spoonful of sustenance should never be bland. With the new Campbell’s Chunky Ghost Pepper Chicken Noodle, the bold flavor has piqued many people’s interest, but the fiery flavor does come with a special warning. Will the soup cause some to waive a white napkin in defeat?

Spicy flavors are taking over store shelves. While some people might find the humble jalapeno fiery, others prefer more extreme flavors. But, those bolder options cannot be spice without balance. A taste that scorches the tongue but lacks depth is not enjoyable to eat. Having that build up and slow smolder satisfies in the best possible way.

Recently, Campbell’s added spicier options to its soup line. Although these versions might not be grandma’s recipe, the flavors found an audience. At the same time, some people wanted more flavor. Even though the warm soup was comforting, it was the burst of flame that brought some color to the cheeks.

As Kristina Moses, Brand Manager, Campbell’s Chunky shared, fans have been looking for more spicy soup options. Speaking to the new Chunky Ghost Pepper Chicken Noodle, Moses said, “As our spiciest soup to date from Chunky, Ghost Pepper Chicken Noodle answers the call for more heat, and we’re excited to see how many brave consumers are willing to sign the ‘waiver’ for the chance to try.”

According to Campbell’s, “Chunky’s Ghost Pepper Chicken Noodle Soup is thirteen times spicier than Chunky Spicy Chicken Noodle Soup.” While that Scoville measurement might be a challenge to some, it is a warning for others. As part of this new food offering, Campbell’s wants to make sure that everyone is fully aware of the effects of eating this soup.

For those willing to sign the “waiver” on January 27, they can get a taste of the special spicier soup. The offer will be available to 500 brave souls. Although the waiver is not a binding legal document, it is fun promotion for the launch.

Campbell’s Chunky Ghost Pepper Chicken Noodle soup
Campbell’s Chunky Ghost Pepper Chicken Noodle, photo provided by Campbell’s /

The lucky few who get a taste of this special offering will not only get the special Ghost Pepper soup but will also receive a few items to help bring down the flavor flames. Although the fan and tissues might help the rising temperatures, others might want to have a glass of milk or a bite of cheese on hand.

Although this concept is a fun promotion, Chunky does have a variety of spicy soup options, including Spicy Chicken Noodle, Spicy Steak and Potato, Spicy Sirloin Burger and Spicy Chicken and Sausage Gumbo. The addition of a ghost pepper option might have a specific audience, but it does show the need to have more flavorful choices on the shelf. After all, it is better to have a well balanced dish with heat than throwing a whole bottle of sriracha into the bowl.

For more information on the Chunky Ghost Pepper Chicken Noodle Soup head to or visit the brand’s social media pages.

Some grandma’s might make matza ball soup as the cure all and others might swear by tomato soup and grilled cheese. If someone prefers to sweat out their sins, it might be time for this super spicy option from Campbell’s.