Heart shaped food brings the romance for Valentine’s Day

Olivieri 1882 SAN VALENTINO Panettone, photo provided by Olivieri
Olivieri 1882 SAN VALENTINO Panettone, photo provided by Olivieri /

As Valentine’s Day plans start to take shape, many people want to put their heart on their plate. While food can be a way of expressing love, sometimes the visual can make the sentiment even bigger. These heart shaped food ideas are easy for even the novice cook to master.

According to a recent survey, 84% of Americans believe that heart-shaped food is a way to show love on Valentine’s Day. While heart shaped candy and cakes are the most obvious choices, a sweet treat is always a tasty choice. Although no one would ever be sorry to get a few heart-shaped Reese’s, it might be the year to think outside of the box.

For example, why not give a Olivieri 1882 SAN VALENTINO Panettone this Valentine’s Day. While classic Italian pastry is always a holiday favorite, this special love inspired option combines Tahitian Bourbon vanilla beans, Italian wheat flours, raw cane sugar and Italian acacia honey into the most delicious sweet bread. Then, the treat is “studded” with Valrhona 55% dark chocolate and candied strawberries. Although chocolate and strawberries might be classic Valentine’s Day foods, the combination with the other flavors make this bite pure bliss.

Olivieri 1882 SAN VALENTINO Panettone heart shaped food for Valentine's Day
Olivieri 1882 SAN VALENTINO Panettone, photo provided by Olivieri /

The special Olivieri 1882 SAN VALENTINO Panettone is available now. It can be purchased through the brand’s website for $54.90 or it can be bought via Goldbelly.

For a simple idea that appeals to the whole family, the Tyson Nuggets of Love are back. The heart-shaped offering is an easy Valentine’s meal that will bring smiles all round.

As Colleen Hall, senior director of marketing at Tyson brand said, “If the way to one’s heart is really through the stomach, then Nuggets of Love are must-have this year. There’s no better way to celebrate the season of love than with a heart-shaped chicken nugget. That’s why we’re making it easier than ever for fans to get their hands on these heart-shaped nuggets with expanded distribution nationwide.”

Tyson Nuggets of Love heart shaped food for Valentine's Day
Tyson Nuggets of Love for Valentine’s Day, photo provided by Tyson /

The Tyson Nuggets of Love are available at various retailers for a limited time.

For a more robust meal, Fresh Market is bringing back its Premium Choice Sweetheart Ribeye for Valentine’s Day. The aged steak is hand-cut and butterflied into the heart shape. Just make sure to cook that steak to the perfect temperature for that special someone.

And, The Fresh Market is offering a heart-shaped crab cake. Whether paired with the steak for a surf and turf option, enjoyed as an appetizer, or on its own, it is a flavor that many people enjoy.

These heart shaped food options are just a few of the many choices for Valentine’s Day. Just remember to put a little extra love in the dining experience and it could lead to a happily ever after moment.