Celebrate Disney100 at home with these classic Disney recipes

Dole celebrates Disney100 with classic Disney recipes, photo provided by Dole
Dole celebrates Disney100 with classic Disney recipes, photo provided by Dole /

While some people are heading to Disneyland to celebrate Disney100, others are bringing those magical moments to the home today. As a longtime Disney partner, Dole has created a variety dishes that are inspired by popular characters, stories, and flavors. Many home cooks are rediscovering these classic Disney recipes.

The connection between Dole Food Company and Disney goes back several decades. As the original sponsor of “Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room,” that partnership has flourished over the years. While the classic Dole Whip has become a Disney Parks favorite treat, the partnership is more than just that frozen dessert. From special themed recipes for various movies to highlighting iconic characters, young and old enjoyed a taste of those magical moments.

More importantly, those dishes offered a bite of healthy eating. Often bursting with fruits and vegetables, it proved that smart nutritional choices can be fun and engaging, in addition to being delicious.

classic Disney recipes from Dole include DIY Dole Whip
DIY Dole Whip recipe, photo provided by Dole /

What classic Disney recipes are the most popular?

As part of the Disney100 celebration, Dole released the top 20 classic Disney recipes that have resonated with home cooks. While each dish is produce-rich, it is more than just a boring bowl of fruits and vegetables. From the themes to the appearance to the flavor, these recipes always deliver rave reviews.

While the top spot might be expected, the most popular classic Disney recipe is the DIY Dole Whip. Although the version eaten in the shadows of Cinderella’s Castle might taste slightly more refreshing, this DIY recipe curbs a craving that delicious frozen dessert.

Looking at the other top 20 Disney recipes, the dishes vary greatly. From the Steamboat Wille Green Apple Waldorf Salad to Shrimp and Pineapple Thingamabobs to even the Te Fiti Fudgy Coco Cake Pops, the variety ensures that home cooks always have a recipe at their fingertips. Whether paired with that favorite movie or just a fun way to engage everyone around the table, it shows how food can create that connection.

For Disney100, it is time to revisit some of those classic Disney recipes. Thirsty for Tatooine Blue Milk yet?