General Mills Minis Breakfast Bundle proves tiny can pack big flavor

General Mills Minis Breakfast Bundle, photo provided by General Mills
General Mills Minis Breakfast Bundle, photo provided by General Mills /

Sometimes when something is tiny, little, or just smaller, it is cute. The oohs, ahhs, and even giggles show that simple joy when seeing that mini version. Now, mornings are getting a little makeover, and everyone cannot hide their happiness. Ready to bring the General Mills Minis Breakfast Bundle to the table?

Previously, General Mills launched its Mini cereal line. When those smaller versions of the favorite cereals hit store shelves, people flocked to stores for the first taste. The iconic flavors were the same, but the smaller size added some levity to the bowl.

Now, General Mills is extending that shrunk appearance beyond the cereal box. The new Minis Breakfast Bundle is a complete mini kitchen. Although it is not a toy, like that popular oven from years ago, it does have everything that creative culinary types would want.

As Mindy Murray, Senior Marketing Communications Manager at General Mills said, “After we saw such a positive reaction with our initial Minis drop, we wanted to bring fans an even bigger, mini surprise. By shrinking the kitchen to match our Minis cereals, new culinary creativity is unlocked and the entire breakfast experience is transformed. We can’t wait to see the fun families cook up together!”

General Mills Minis Breakfast Bundle celebrates its Mini Cereals
New General Mills Mini Breakfast Bundle is available now, photo provided by General Mills /

According to the brand, the General Mills Minis Breakfast Bundle includes:

  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch Mini Fridge
  • Trix Mini Utensil Set
  • REESE’S PUFFS Mini Muffin Mold

While there might be a little learning curve in using some of these mini kitchen essentials, the reality is that it brings fun to the food experience. It might not be every day that that people are making mini pancakes, waffles, or muffins, but it could be a fun day in the kitchen.

The tiny food trend has been part of social media and food television for a while. People marvel at how creators can make these impeccable smaller food items. Even if the idea might not satisfy a huge hunger, it will bring smiles all around.

And, even for those people who may not want to bake some mini food treats, everyone would want that Cinnamon Toast Mini Fridge. College kids might want to stock up on this kitchen essential for that dorm room.

The General Mills Minis Breakfast Bundle, which includes the three specially branded kitchen essentials, retails for $45. It will be available on starting on January 27 while supplies last. The Mini Cereals can be purchased at various retailers.