Joffrey’s brews a caffeinated love affair with a Valentine’s Day coffee

Joffrey's Valentine’s Day coffee, Disney Mickey and Minnie Be Mine Brew, photo provided by Joffrey's
Joffrey's Valentine’s Day coffee, Disney Mickey and Minnie Be Mine Brew, photo provided by Joffrey's /

While some people dream of the perfect proposal in front of Cinderella’s Castle or hope that that happily ever after moment, Joffrey’s Coffee, the official specialty coffee of Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland, and Disney Vacation Club, is ready to brew a love affair that will stand the test of time. This new Valentine’s Day coffee might be the perfect love potion.

The new Valentine’s Day coffee is Disney Mickey and Minnie Be Mine Brew. The specialty offering is a medium-roast blend. Featuring flavors of chocolate and coconut cream, the coffee pairs perfectly with almost anything. From that romantic breakfast with French Toast and fruit to a dessert pairing after a favorite meal, there are plenty of reasons to add this Valentine’s Day coffee to the cart.

Thinking about this Valentine’s Day coffee, it is interesting that Joffrey’s added a touch of coconut cream to the flavor profile. While chocolate is a popular love potion choice, the slight tropical note of coconut brightens the blend. Whether drunk black, with cream, sugar, or even a dollop of whipped cream, its versatility broadens its appeal.

Disney Mickey and Minnie Be Mine Brew is Joffrey's Valentine's Day coffe
Disney Mickey and Minnie Be Mine Brew is Joffrey’s Valentine’s Day coffee, photo provided by Joffrey’s /

The Joffrey’s Disney Mickey and Minnie Be Mine Brew is available online at In addition, limited quantities are available for sale at Disney Springs store in The Landing.

Joffrey’s shakes up flavorful Valentine’s Day coffee drinks.

As guests to Walt Disney parks and the Joffrey’s Midtown Tampa location know, there are always special coffee drinks waiting to be sipped. In addition to traditional favorites, special seasonal or holiday offerings entice people to make a special visit.

While some people will be brewing romance at home, the Joffrey’s Valentine’s Day coffee drinks at Walt Disney World and the Midtown Tampa location are sweetness in a cup. For anyone who loves strawberries, these drinks are juicy beyond compare.

The Strawberry Dipped Mocha brings together the classic combination of strawberry and chocolate. The strawberry syrup mixed into syrup adds depth. When topped with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle, it is a sippable dessert.

Another option is the Strawberry Dipped Mocha Game Changer. Combining a French Roast cold brew and espresso, the coffee forward flavor gets more richness from the dark chocolate sauce and strawberry syrup. The smooth, sweet beverage will change how people think about cold brew.

Available at the Tampa location, the Cupid’s Latte adds chocolate sauce, caramel syrup and coconut syrup. Whether this coffee drink is enjoyed with a loved or given to someone in hopes of making a love match, it should be enjoyed before Valentine’s Day.

What is your favorite Valentine’s Day coffee? Will you be brewing up a Joffrey’s coffee to spark some romance?