Busch Beer brings a new twist on shelter for its Super Bowl commercial

Busch Beer Super Bowl Commercial 2023, photo provided by Busch Beer
Busch Beer Super Bowl Commercial 2023, photo provided by Busch Beer /

Super Bowl commercials often fall into a couple of categories. Some concepts tug on the sentimental side and might have viewers feeling a little tug at the heartstrings. Other clips have viewers rolling with laughter. For this year’s Busch Beer Super Bowl commercial, the great outdoors has a new song that will help bring some poignancy to those Busch Guy skills.

While last year’s Kenny G and Busch Beer commercial had people talking, this year’s commercial plays a slightly different note. Building on a song that has made many people stop, watch, and react to a commercial, it is time to give that melody a little twist.

In this year’s commercial, the rugged Busch Guy starts to explain the great outdoors essentials. While everyone appreciates that an ice-cold beer can be the perfect pairing for all those rugged activities, sometimes the softer side is appreciated. Luckily, there are some creature comforts waiting in that tent.

Check out the Busch Beer “Shelter” Super Bowl commercial.

As seen in the clip, those heart-wrenching animal ads have taken a humorous turn. Although it is not a slam against the charity commercials, it is an engaging way to take another look at the great outdoors.

According to Krystyn Stowe, Head of Marketing Busch Family & Natural Family at Anheuser-Busch, “Our fans love nothing more than time in nature with an ice-cold Busch Light and that’s why we’re once again bringing the great outdoors to the biggest game of the year. Busch Light fans will love our spin McLachlan’s iconic commercial as they always appreciate a bit of humor that ultimately serves a good cause–especially when it comes to great outdoors we both hold dear.”

Sarah McLachlan agrees with that sentiment and said, “Busch Light shares my love of animals and the wilderness so, while it seems unexpected, this spot is a really clever and good-hearted mix of my passions and their brand,” said Sarah McLachlan. “Last year, Kenny G revived the beer brand’s classic ‘Head for the Mountains’ song and that’s a tough act to follow, but I love that Busch Light is playing into nostalgia again with a new rendition of my ‘Angel’ ASPCA commercial and I can’t wait to see how people react!”

As part of this collaboration, Busch Beer will donate $25,000 to One Tree Planted. This organization looks to create habitats for biodiversity. Although no one should probably not try to house a wolf in their backyard, anyone can positive social impact and help nature.

The Busch Guide featured in the Super Bowl commercial will be an ongoing concept for the beer brand. Throughout the year, the Busch Guy will share various helpful topics for outdoor preparedness. While these ads might have a little humor poured into the mix, the connection between Busch Beer and the great outdoors will be apparent.

For now, this year’s Busch Beer Super Bowl commercial is ready to bring a spirited melody to the big game. Doesn’t that crack of the can sound even more refreshing when paired with Sarah McLachlan?