Halo Top steps out of the freezer and into the baking aisle

Halo Top adds baking mixes to its line, photo provided by Halo Top
Halo Top adds baking mixes to its line, photo provided by Halo Top /

Many people have scooped up the popular lower calorie ice cream when that craving hits. From seasonal offerings to transforming classic flavors, the frozen dessert has earned its prime spot in the freezer. Now, Halo Top baking mixes are heating up a sweet conversation for dessert lovers.

As balanced eating takes over from restricting certain foods, consumers look for options that fit their lifestyle. Whether it is keeping calories in check or reducing sugar intake, the shelf is growing with options.

In a recent company announcement, Halo Top revealed that it is adding three baking items to its line. Similar to its frozen desserts, the three baking items have 1/3 fewer calories than some other brands in the same category.

According to Halo Top Brand Manager, Peter Gargula, “Halo Top was founded on an idea to make a lower calorie ice cream that doesn’t sacrifice flavor and indulgence. We’ve been constantly innovating products to give consumers indulgence they can feel good about. We can’t wait to bring our loyal fans into the baking aisle in this trusted extension from cold to warm with Halo Top Desserts.”

Halo Top baking mixes
Halo Top adds baking mixes to its line, photo provided by Halo Top /

What are the new Halo Top baking mixes?

The three new Halo Top baking items include Halo Top Light Cake Mix Single-Serve Cups, Halo Top Light Brownie Mix, and Halo Top Cookie Mix. Whether consumers want just a treat for themselves or extras to share, there is an option to enjoy.

The Single-Serve Cups might be the most exciting offering in the line. Available in three flavors, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Birthday cake, the microwave cake satisfies that craving but keeps the serving size manageable. At just 170 calories per single serve cup and easy preparation, it seems that this option might quickly find its spot in the home pantry.

Also, the Strawberry flavor makes the Halo Top brand stand out from other baking choices. That sweet, bright option may not necessarily be the most common, but it lends itself to lighter, flavorful desserts. Just think about how sliced strawberries on top would make this dessert shine even more. With warmer months ahead, it might be the easy dessert that will be part of many outdoor dinners.

The other baking mixes include a Light Brownie Mix and a Light Cookie Mix. These traditional desserts have a 1/3 fewer calories than some other mixes and both serving sizes are under 100 calories. As long as the texture mimics other favorite brands, many people will be willing to make that switch.

But, there is a word of caution with any dessert. Just because one serving size is lower in calories does not mean that eating the whole pan is a balanced eating choice. Moderation is always a good concept to follow.

The new Halo Top baking mixes will launch at Walmart and Kroger in early February. A larger rollout will come in the summer. The suggested retail price for these baking mixes are $2.89 for the single serve cups and $4.99 for the other baking mixes.