Snoop Cereal looks to pour a champion’s breakfast one bowl at a time

Snoop Cereal from Post Consumer Brands and Broadus Food, photo provided by Snoop Cereal
Snoop Cereal from Post Consumer Brands and Broadus Food, photo provided by Snoop Cereal /

While the cereal aisle might be crowded with a variety of flavors, characters, and more, Snoop Cereal is more than just a spoonful of sweetness. The collaboration between Post Consumer Brands and Snoop Dogg and Master P’s Broadus Foods gives back with every purchase. Is it time to change that breakfast routine?

Today’s consumer looks to make a connection with the brands that they purchase. While flavor will always be king, the familiar needs to satisfy beyond the bowl. Choosing brands that align with personal beliefs or represent a cause can make some consumers choose one box over another.

In a recent announcement, Post Consumer Brands shared that they are working with Snoop Dogg and Master P’s Broadus Foods to bring Snoop Cereal to the shelf. While many people will want to open a box due to the Snoop Dogg and Master P connection, there is more to this offering than just that connection. Broadus Foods supports charities that address food insecurity and homelessness. Sales from its products are donated to various charities.

Snoop Cereal and Master P
Master P for Snoop Cereal, photo provided by Snoop Cereal /

As Percy “Master P” Miller shared, “We want to make sure kids and kids at heart can have a champion’s breakfast. Our motto is the more we make the more we give. I grew up on WIC, and I am honored and humbled to now own a company with Snoop that can service underprivileged families. Partnering with Post Consumer Brands made sense with our common mission to build economic empowerment and to add diversity to grocery stores with Black-owned breakfast food.”

What are the flavors of Snoop Cereal?

Available starting in the summer 2023, Snoop Cereal will come in three flavors, Fruity Hoopz with Marshmallows, Cinnamon Toasteez, and Frosted Drizzlerz. While the names might be a creative play on words, the flavors are familiar. It seems that these flavors look to attract consumers for both the name recognition and the charity aspect.

At the same time, the flavors will have a mass appeal. Both young and old appreciate that touch of sweet in the morning. In addition, the Frosted Drizzlerz meets WIC eligibility requirements, which seems to relate to the Broadus Foods mission to give back to those in need.

And, the Snoop Cereal brings back a staple in the cereal aisle, engaging characters on the box. As seen with the packaging. Each flavor has a particular character, Captain Ace, Max, Hercules, Roxy and Mr. Polar Bear. The boxes will have games and other positive messaging. Although the kids might not look up from their phones, parents might appreciate the throw-back vibe.

Broadus Foods will market the cereals and Post Consumer Brands will provide the other support aspects to getting the cereal to consumers. Snoop Cereal will hit stores in summer 2023.