Chef Derrell Smith serves the Ultimate Game Day Spread on Tastemade

Chef Derrell Smith on Ultimate Game Day Spread for Tastemade, (Photo by Nick Agro / Tastemade )
Chef Derrell Smith on Ultimate Game Day Spread for Tastemade, (Photo by Nick Agro / Tastemade ) /

On his Mad Good Food Tastemade show, Chef Derrell Smith has introduced home cooks to a vibrant array of dishes. As he kicks off a new special on the platform with the help of some other athletes, Chef Derrell shows that the Ultimate Game Day Spread has a story behind every recipe and those experiences bring extra flavor to the table.

For anyone who watches the various Tastemade programs, the food television shows are more than just how to videos. It is the story behind the food that captivates the audience.

During a recent conversation with Chef Derrell, he said, “food is an extension of who we are.” Since viewers “don’t get to taste” that food, it is the chef’s job “to tell the audience a little bit about it and a little bit about myself.” Having that context offers a little more seasoning to any dish.

Chef Derrell Smith on Ultimate Game Day Spread for Tastemade,
Chef Derrell Smith on Ultimate Game Day Spread for Tastemade, (Photo by Nick Agro / Tastemade ) /

In the Ultimate Game Day Spread, Chef Derrell commented that the concept is to blend the familiar with some innovation. He believes that many recipes are “innovation on traditional recipes.” Whether it is his take on a Hot Pocket using his infamous meatballs or a spin on a crab Rangoon, the familiar allows them to step a little outside of the comfort zone without straying too far outside of the box.

Throughout the episodes of Ultimate Game Day Spread, Chef Derrell blends cooking techniques with stories about sports. As a former professional athlete himself, he appreciates how food and sports are intertwined. Just like family memories can flavor traditional recipes, those sports moments can be the spark to serve a bounty of deliciousness.

Mixed into the great recipes are some smart cooking techniques and tips. For example, Chef Smith uses a hand mixer as a simple way to shred chicken for his Buffalo Chicken Rolls. That moment leads to a bigger conversation about cooking in general. It is interesting to hear how some athletes may not know their way around the kitchen. Given that food is fuel for their performance, it might seem that they would want to better their cooking skills.

Ultimate Game Day Spread with Derrell Smith on Tastemade
Chef Derrell Smith on Mad Good Food, Ultimate Game Day Spread, photo provided by Tastemade /

In some ways, when Chef Smith set out to do his cooking show, it was about sparking that curiosity about food and making it approachable. Specifically, Chef Derrell said that he has created a technique of cooking that is simple for everyone to be able to accomplish it.

Once the person has some confidence, Chef Derrell believes that they will be willing to step into that exploration. While everything is approachable, the goal is to be both entertained and inspired. If one person chooses to get into the kitchen and try something different, he has succeeded.

With the big game quickly approaching, Chef Derrell will be serving up some Philly favorites during this gathering. From some authentic pretzels to cheesesteak, there will be a big spread waiting to be enjoyed.

Since he has a background in marketing, Chef Derrell will be carefully watching all those commercials. He appreciates the storytelling that those few seconds share. For him, the Big Game commercials are the crème de la crème of advertising.

For anyone looking for their own Ultimate Game Day Spread inspiration, be sure to tune into Chef Derrell Smith on his Mad Good Food show on Tastemade’s streaming channel. The show can be watch on platforms, including YouTube TV, Samsung TV Plus, VIZIO SmartCast TVs, The Roku Channel, Comcast Xfinity X1, SLING TV, fuboTV, Tubi, and as well as on demand via Tastemade+.