Uber One is ready to mix a hit with Sean “Diddy” Combs

Uber One Super Bowl commercial featuring Diddy, photo provided by Uber One
Uber One Super Bowl commercial featuring Diddy, photo provided by Uber One /

From getting from place to place to having a favorite food delivered, Uber is at everyone’s fingertips. While it might be one of the more commonly used apps, Uber One wants to hit the right note with everyone and it is turning to Sean “Diddy” Combs to soar to the top of the charts. Could this Super Bowl commercial be the hit maker of the evening?

Recently, Uber released a preview of its Super Bowl commercial. While Diddy does not do jingles, he is a hit maker. It seems almost everything he touches turns into gold. From music to liquor, Uber is hoping that Diddy can offer his Midas touch to this advertisement.

Although this clip does not reveal the whole story, it plays into Super Bowl commercial themes. The combination of celebrity, a fun premise and a catchy song is a winning combination. Given that Diddy does hits, the ad meter might spike on the winning side for Uber.

For those unfamiliar with Uber One, the paid program looks to make life easier. From savings to perks to VIP treatment, the program provides value to its members. The concept is to streamline anything and everything that will make life simpler.

While the Super Bowl commercial is meant to entertain, the premise is clear. Uber One wants to be that membership that people instantly recognize. Whether or not they can name the song in three notes, the brand wants people to see a sign and instantly turn to place that order or schedule that ride. It might not be a Pavlov’s dog scenario, but it should be recognizable.

As people wait to see the hit song for Uber One, it leads to some speculation. What lyric or beat will capture that connection. Given that Uber has “Been Around The World” getting Diddy to do this commercial might already be a “Victory.” Be sure to watch Super Bowl LVII to see the full spot.