Bud Light and Miles Teller choose enjoyment in this Super Bowl commercial

Miles Teller and his wife in Bud Light Super Bowl LVII commercial, photo provided by Bud Light
Miles Teller and his wife in Bud Light Super Bowl LVII commercial, photo provided by Bud Light /

As one of the most watched television event’s of the year, the annual big game gets football and non-football fans watching all the action. Since there are some people who do not know the difference between a slant pass and an end around, it is often the commercials that become the center of attention. With the Super Bowl commercial from Bud Light and Miles Teller, the beer brand’s hold moment might be one of the most relatable concepts for everyone watching.

Super Bowl commercial themes vary greatly. While the sentimental imagery of iconic characters, patriotic moments, or family gestures tug at the heartstrings, the moments where people can laugh often resonate more. When those moments are relatable, the concept is even more memorable.

In this year’s Bud Light Super Bowl commercial featuring Miles Teller and his wife Keleigh, the scenario is one that everyone has been through at least once. Instead of letting that hold music turn into a droning nightmare, it is time to dance to a new beat.

Check out the Bud Light and Miles Teller Super Bowl Commercial.

Over the years, Bud Light has brought all types of characters and themes to the Super Bowl commercial space. From medieval knights to well-known celebrities, they become talked about moments because the moment portrayed is relatable. Who hasn’t wanted to ditch the party pooper because they brought the wrong beer.

In this year’s commercial, it is about choosing enjoyment. No one likes being on hold, but people can change the conversation. Instead of waiting to throw the phone at the wall, get moving. Not all dogs might want to get into the action, but fun can be found in any occasion.

As Alissa Heinerscheid, Vice President of Marketing for Bud Light. “Forty-one years ago, Bud Light was created to be an easy-drinking beer; that is how we were born. We have turned that unique truth into our new platform – Bud Light is ‘Easy to Drink, Easy to Enjoy’, and we look forward to bringing this message to life for consumers at Super Bowl and beyond.”

Whether this idea is new and unexpected or just a different perspective for that best selling beer brand may not matter. This idea of “easy enjoyment” can resonate across demographics. In a chaotic world, more people might want that little break. And, a little laughter along the way, is always helpful.

And, if the big game drones on a little too long this year, take some easy enjoyment from the Bud Light Super Bowl commercial. Turn that sports commentary into a hold music moment. It could become the most memorable part of the night.