Bud Light Super Bowl LV commercial celebrates pop culture nostalgia

Bud Light Super Bowl LC Commercial, photo provided by Bud Light
Bud Light Super Bowl LC Commercial, photo provided by Bud Light /

The Bud Light Super Bowl LV commercial might have had an overturned Bud Light truck, but it unleashes a plethora of Bud Light commercial favorite moments. From the Bud Light Knight to the I Love You Man, it celebrated all those moments that made people laughed over the years. Which was your Bud Light Legions favorite?

Even if you weren’t counting, the Bud Light Super Bowl LV commercial had many iconic Bud Light Legions packed into that single moment. While the Bud Light delivery truck driver had his beer saved by everyone, how many times did you re-watch the commercial to get all the Bud Light Legion mentions?

Andy Goeler, VP of Marketing Bud Light said, “Fans have loved and celebrated Bud Light’s role in the Super Bowl for decades, and this year, we’re excited to reunite iconic characters in the most epic way with this new spot. Bud Light Legends rewards those that always go the extra mile for Bud Light, the friends that bring the fun wherever they go, and those who understand the importance of good times. Today, we invite our Bud Light Legends to come along with us for the journey.”

Who were the Bud Light Legends in the Bud Light Super Bowl LV commercial?

Whether you remember the Dilly Dilly phrase or were ready to pay homage to the Bud Knight, the Bud Light Legions have become part of the cultural collective. Even though the exact details of the previous commercial might be muddled, everyone can smile at those iconic moments.

Even Cedric the Entertainer said. “I can’t believe it’s been twenty years since some of my most memorable moments with my friends at Bud Light. I am thrilled to be featured in this year’s Super Bowl ad and loved reuniting with fellow Bud Light Legends to bring some fun to the game.”

While everyone would love to be part of those special Bud Light memories, many people can be part of the Bud Light Legions program. If you are ready to “Join the Legendary,” everyone can join BudLightLegends.com for special programs and rewards.

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Although you might not have Post Malone coming to your rescue at the side of the road, Bud Light is ready to go the extra mile for their fans. Isn’t it time you popped open a can?