Best Super Bowl commercials weren’t even part of the broadcast

(Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Stella Artois)
(Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Stella Artois) /

As everyone debates the best Super Bowl commercials, one big trend might have been overlooked. The big win went to the commercials that weren’t part of the broadcast.

Did you wonder why you didn’t see some big brands during the Super Bowl broadcast? Ranking the best Super Bowl commercials can cause a heated discussion. From Mr. Peanut’s triumphant return to the Cheetle issue, everyone can have a favorite commercial. Still, a few brands might have had a bigger win by not having a Super Bowl commercial this year.

Purchasing a Super Bowl commercial costs millions of dollars. While it can be great exposure for a brand, it does create an interesting situation. Is that value really worth it?

If the Super Bowl commercial ranks well with fans, those few seconds create a huge win. Even decades later everyone loves that Mean Joe Green Coca-Cola commercial.

But, if that Super Bowl commercial creates negative buzz, it can be a big loss for a brand. No one wants to be talked about because those 30 seconds made everyone look away from the television.

This year, many big brands skipped the Super Bowl commercial for an alternative promotion. From leading up to the game to outside of the game, many brands brought the party directly to their fans and really brought the win.

Stella Artois skipped The Dude this year and hosted the Port de Stella. Docked in the Port of Miami, the multi-day event celebrated “The Life of Artois.” Guests enjoyed musical acts, trendsetters and culinary experiences.

This event showed that “The Life of Artois” is more than just one day or one football game. People who enjoy a cold Stella Artois are all about toasting the good life.

For Denny’s, that brand took a dad joke turn to the Best Super Bowl commercials. The “Behold. Our Big Game Spot,” was a silly pun, but it worked.

Now, that special Denny’s spot might not have come with a short stack, but it was funny. Sometimes, those little moments need to be recognized.

Bacardi hosted a huge party at Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel. This event brought the Caribbean vibe to Miami. Plus, it celebrated some of the best bars and mixologists around Miami.

For the whole weekend, the BUDX Miami by Budweiser was the place to be. From huge headliner concerts to celebrity appearances, this event was huge. It was the first time that BUDX global platform came to America and hopefully it won’t be the last.

Natural Light Seltzer House Party was the best way to watch the Super Bowl. Keeping in line with its outdoor, enjoy life concept, the house party, which was partly a contest, gave fans a way to enjoy watching the game and a party all in one. Those pictures will last much longer than a quick commercial clip.

While the Super Bowl halftime performance and the celebration of women might have been trending on Twitter, another big trending hashtag was #TumsWorthy. While this hashtag was part of a sweepstakes, the idea was quite relatable. Who hasn’t had that moment heartburn moment?

Granted, TUMS was trying to reclaim that often unused blue dot emoji. Still, it was a moment that got everyone talking, which is what brands want to do during the biggest game of the year.

In the end, sometimes the biggest and best moments aren’t the ones that were seen during the Super Bowl. Often, the best Super Bowl commercials were the ones that weren’t commercials at all.

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What was your favorite part of Super Bowl LIV? Do you think that there was a moment that will be remembered until next year?