Grab the remote: 5 most anticipated Super Bowl LIV commercials

Planters Super Bowl commercial, photo provided by Planters
Planters Super Bowl commercial, photo provided by Planters /

Even the non-football fan will be excited to see these give most anticipated Super Bowl LIV commercials. Which one will be the fan favorite?

One team will raise the Lombardi Trophy, but the most anticipated Super Bowl commercials could be the big winner of the night. Even if there is a huge play, outlandish score or other impressive feats on the field, the Super Bowl commercials usually are the big talk on Monday morning.

In between bites of chicken wings and refilling the bowl of snacks, the room might go hush as the Super Bowl commercials begin. Throughout the past week, many brands have offered a glimpse, sneak peek or reveal of their special spot.

While some people want a touching moment and other prefer humor, there will be at least one commercial that will be an overall favorite. Of course, people might agree to disagree on just one best commercial, FoodSided thinks that these commercials will be the talk of the Super Bowl.

Mr. Peanut’s Funeral

When Planters announced that Mr. Peanut tragically died, everyone was shocked. RIP Mr. Peanut was trending and other brands even remembered a life well lived.

In the Planters Super Bowl commercial, everyone will be invited to Mr. Peanut’s funeral. Is anyone else curious to see if the Nutcracker planted that armadillo in the road?

Super Bowl commercials
MTN DEW® Proves That MTN DEW® Zero Sugar is “As Good As The Original” With Super Bowl Ad That Reimagines Classic Movie, The Shining, photo provided by MTN Dew /

MTN Dew Zero

Debuted earlier this week, the MTN Dew Zero commercial combines so many winning elements. From the reference to The Shinning to the humor at the end, this commercial has people talking. More importantly, it might make you want to pop open another MTN Dew Zero.

Best Super Bowl LIV beer commercials
Michelob Ultra Super Bowl commercial, photo provided by Michelob Ultra /

Michelob Ultra & Jimmy Fallon

Low ABV and low-calorie beers have been on the rise. This Michelob Ultra commercial shows that Jimmy Fallon is like the rest of us. Sometimes we work out just to have another beer.

All the cameos in this spot are impressive. From sports legends to The Roots, you might want to hit rewind to see them all the again.

Cheetos Popcorn Super Bowl
Photo: Cheetos pops back into Super Bowl with “It’s a Cheetos Thing” campaign.. Image Courtesy Cheetos /

Cheetos Popcorn

There are some songs that everyone just knows. MC Hammer’s Can’t Touch This, is one of those songs. Also, a universal truth, eating Cheetos comes creates Cheetle.

Like many snack commercials, this Cheetos Popcorn commercial blends humor and a good snack. Those two items always score a win.

Coca-Cola Energy

One of the newest Coca-Cola beverages to hit store shelves, Coca-Cola Energy is asking everyone to “Show Up.” Everyone has been there. You want to go out, but it might require just too much energy. Luckily, that is where Coca-Cola Energy comes to the rescue.

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These suggestions might be FoodSided’s most anticipated Super Bowl LIV commercials. What are you looking forward to seeing?