Are tortilla chips or potato chips better Super Bowl snacks?

Frito-Lay releases its Super Bowl Snack Index, photo provided by Frito-Lay
Frito-Lay releases its Super Bowl Snack Index, photo provided by Frito-Lay /

Super Bowl snacks are big game watching required food. Still, which snack is wanted more during the Super Bowl, tortilla chips or potato chips?

Whether you watch for the Super Bowl commercials, the game or just come for the food, Super Bowl snacks are part of the annual big game event. Although many people have superstitious foods, favorite foods and special recipes, snacks usually fill the game day spread. Can you guess which snack is America’s favorite, tortilla chips or potato chips?

Frito-Lay has released its Super Bowl snack index. Given that the snack food giant always makes a splash with its Super Bowl Commercials, the findings in this year’s snack index seem to show that people want more snacks. Even with all those healthy eating resolutions still hanging in the balance, snacks are taking over the food menu.

Whether people are hosting a large crowd or just hanging with the family, a few key facts from the Frito-Lay snack index might influence the food for the big game. First, is the must have snack tortilla chips or potato chips?

According to Frito-Lay, potato chips are the most wanted snack followed by tortilla chips, While the exact flavor wasn’t designated, there is something just crave-worthy about a potato chip. From classic to Flamin’ Hot to limited edition flavors, no one can resist that potato chip crunch.

Tortilla chips did come in a close second. Many people love tortilla chips because of their dip pairings (salsa, guacamole and queso). Still, it could be those remixed Doritos flavors that are just calling people’s cravings.

Dips do play a huge factor in snacking. For another year, salsa is the favorite dip followed by cheese-flavored dips. It is interesting that guacamole is listed as fourth favorite. Maybe it is because people cannot decide if guacamole is a dip or a spread.

Even though everyone has a snack preference, one of the biggest takeaways from the Frito-Lay snack index is that more people are watching the game at home. Although many restaurants offer special events, there is something comforting about watching the Super Bowl from the comfort of your couch. Maybe it is the closeness to the bathroom or the never ending snack bowl.

While traditional snacks did seem to take top billing, a few snack trends did appear in the Super Bowl Snack Index. Cheesy snacks are popular with younger crowds. While some people might not have taken to calling it Cheetle, the cheesy snack trend bodes well for Cheetos Popcorn. That MC Hammer commercial is definitely on trend.

Another interesting fact is that generations do impact flavor preferences. While snack trends show that global and spicy flavors are on the rise, older consumers still prefer the more traditional flavor. Depending on the age demographic of your party guests, the snack table should reflect both preferences.

Overall, the biggest take away from this Super Bowl snack study is that watching the big game requires snacks. While those sliders or chicken sandwich might be the halftime meal, everyone wants to have a bowl of their favorite potato chips, tortilla chips or Cheetos on hand throughout the entire game. Whether it is the nervous tension about who will score first or an excuse to indulge on that cheat day, snacking and the Super Bowl go hand in hand.

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What are your favorite Super Bowl snacks? Is the food or the game more important on Super Bowl Sunday?