Big Game recipes that won’t break your healthy eating resolution

Looking for Big Game recipes that big on flavor, but won’t ruin those healthy eating resolutions? These recipes definitely score a big win.

Now that the teams are set for the Big Game, it is time to start planning all the Big Game recipes for the watching party. Even though some people might find it is time for a Resolution Reset, the annual celebration of football and commercials is usually an eating extravaganza. With a few swaps, those favorite Big Game recipes don’t have to run a healthy eating resolution.

Lower calorie recipes are just as delicious as the calorie dense counterparts. With a few simple swaps, those favorite football watching recipes are just as tasty, yet won’t cause you to spend hours on the treadmill working off the extra calories.

Lower calorie options to people’s favorite foods are becoming more common. For example, Goose Island’s So-Lo is both a low-calorie and low-ABV IPA. The full-bodied IPA flavor comes through in each sip.

With bold hops and a balanced flavor, the Goose Island So-Lo is the wonderful lower calorie option that doesn’t compromise. At only 98 calories and 3% ABV, this beer is delivers on all counts. This beer goes to show that lower calories doesn’t mean that flavor is compromised.

Recently, Goose Island So-Lo and Chicago Perozzi, Editor and Chief of Ingrain Magazine, suggested some easy, delicious Big Game recipes that are lower in calories but bold in flavor. These twists on game day favorites are definitely not served with a side of guilt. Are you ready to score a win with your guests?

Here are some suggested Big Game recipes that deliver on flavor, but are lower calorie options to favorite recipes.

Zucchini Tots paired with Goose Island So Lo IPA, photo provided by Goose Island

Zucchini Tots

Tater Tots are definitely having a moment (can you remember Pizza Tots?). Since zucchini absorbs all types of flavor, transforming them into a tot is great choice. They can be just as crispy as a traditional tot. Plus, there’s a serving of veggies in this recipe.

Fresh Spinach-Artichoke Dip

Dips are always a popular dish while watching the Big Game. This recipe is a little lighter thanks to the yogurt. Each bite has all the flavor that people crave, but the calories are fewer.

Big Game recipes

General Tsao’s Cauliflower paired with Goose Island So-Lo IPA, photo provided by Goose Island

General Tsao’s Cauliflower

Cauliflower is often a great vegetarian substitute. While this classic Chinese dish can be calorie dense, the cauliflower swap brings the flavor but a lower calorie choice. After a few bites, you might prefer this version to the fried chicken option.

All these recipes, and many more, pair perfectly with the Goose Island So-Lo IPA. From the brightness of the citrus flavors to the herbal notes, this beer is a great choice to have on hand for the Big Game.


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What are Big Game recipes are you serving? Are you looking to add some lower calorie or plant based food options this year? 

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