What is National Resolution Restart Day?


Even with the best intentions, New Year’s Resolutions can be difficult. Do you know when National Resolution Restart Day is?

Did you know that approximately 135 million people make New Year’s resolutions? From a dry January to eating more vegetables, New Year’s Resolutions are many. The idea to better yourself for the New Year is an important one. But, those new beginnings don’t come with a magic wand. So, what is National Resolution Restart Day?

Natural Grocers launches Resolution Reset Day on January 19. (PRNewsfoto/Natural Grocers by Vitamin …)

Natural Grocers has declared Friday, January 19 as National Resolution Restart Day. The idea is to give a restart to all those good intentions from January 1. With 80 percent of those resolutions failing by February 1, the idea of a restart is to recommit to new beginnings.

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Why are New Year’s Resolutions so hard to keep? After coming out of an over indulgent holiday season, drastic, extreme lifestyle changes are difficult. Going from eating heavier foods for only vegetables can throw a person’s body and digestive system into havoc. Sure a big weight loss, energy boost or other positive outcome can be invigorating. But, when that plateau comes or that Super Bowl party chicken wing plate calls, the New Year’s Resolution may not be as strong.

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions or just better eating habits, small changes, manageable changes can be more permanent. For example, that favorite bowl of spaghetti doesn’t have to be forever banished from your diet. Swapping the traditional spaghetti noodle for either veggie noodles or a vegetable based spaghetti, like Explore Cuisine’s pastas is an easy alternative.

The plant based pastas from Explore Cuisine look and taste like traditional pastas, but are boosted with beans, lentils and peas for added nutrition. For families or picky eaters, this type of pasta swap is doable because the pastas have the same look, taste and feel as traditional pasta. While a better nutritional choice, the swap isn’t a drastic change, which makes the transition easier.

Whether you’re still going strong on that New Year’s Resolution or struggling to stay on track, National Resolution Restart Day is a great reason to re-evaluate your goals. Even a slight, small change can make a difference.

Don’t give up on that New Year’s Resolution. Just restart it.