Doritos remixes two fan favorite flavors for the new year

Doritos Cool Ranch, photo provided by Doritos
Doritos Cool Ranch, photo provided by Doritos /

Snack time is getting a remix. Two new Doritos flavors are hitting store shelves and these fan favorites deserve a taste test.

Doritos are always a top snack choice. While the iconic chip has its sense of boldness, the snack has evolved over the years. From adding globally inspired flavors, like sriracha, to bringing the heat in the Flamin’ Hot line, the fan favorite snack is always looking to innovative. With these two remixes on favorite flavors, the snacking forecast is definitely on the rise.

New for 2020, Doritos is releasing an amped up Cool Ranch flavor. For many people, Cool Ranch is their favorite version of the iconic snack. That chip has found its way into fast food menu items and even various recipes. It seems that almost every pantry has at least one blue bag on the shelf.

For the new year, the Cool Ranch flavor gets a boost. Each chip has even more flavor. While not overpowering, the Cool Ranch is definitely stronger.

After taste testing this new version, it can be described as the flavor found on the chip that had extra coating in the bottom of the bag or those pieces found at the bottom of the bag that you just can’t resist pouring in your mouth.

While not overdone, the Cool Ranch is definitely stronger. In a way, this choice is an interesting take on remixing a fan favorite. By giving fans what they love, Doritos knows that it will be a hit with snack aficionados.

The second new Doritos flavor is Flamin’ Hot Limon. This flavor combines the uber popular Flamin’ Hot heat with the zesty limon (aka lime). The combination of bright and heat always works. In a way, it entices you to go back for another chip until the bag is empty.

One of the biggest snacking trends is hot and spicy. Looking through the Frito-Lay portfolio, Flamin’ Hot transcends all the snack brands. From Cheetos to Ruffles to Lays, each snack has a spicy, hot version.

Today’s consumer wants the bolder flavors. It is more than just can you handle the heat, consumers want to embrace flavor. These Flamin’ Hot versions bring the flavor, not just the spice. In a few bites, those snacks satisfy in a way that a less flavorful version may not.

The new Flamin’ Hot Limon is an interesting twist for the brand. While citrus and heat are a classic combination, the idea might make Flamin’ Hot even more approachable. Where some people might be cautious of straight heat, the touch of lime makes this flavor more palatable. Even the heat adverse might be willing to take a taste test.

After snacking on a bag, this lime is quite refreshing. Similar to the tortilla chips with a hint of lime, the flavor offers a lighter finish. Although Doritos aren’t often eaten with a dip or salsa, these chips could be quite tasty on a plate of nachos, guacamole with a seven layer dip.

The two new Doritos flavors, Flamin’ Hot Limon and revamped Cool Ranch are available at stores now.

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What do you think of these remixed Doritos flavors? Will you go in search of these new snack flavors?