Cheetos Popcorn Super Bowl ad: Can MC Hammer touch it?

Photo: Cheetos pops back into Super Bowl with "It’s a Cheetos Thing" campaign.. Image Courtesy Cheetos
Photo: Cheetos pops back into Super Bowl with "It’s a Cheetos Thing" campaign.. Image Courtesy Cheetos /

Whether you call it Cheetle or Cheetos dust, the tell-tale sign of a Cheetos fan is all over her fingers. In the Cheetos Popcorn Super Bowl ad, even MC Hammer can’t touch it.

To celebrate the launch of Cheetos Popcorn, the Cheetos Popcorn Super Bowl ad brings together two pieces iconic pop culture, Cheetos dust (aka Cheetle) and MC Hammer. While loyal Cheetos fans are inherently loyal to their favorite Frito-Lay snack, this return to the Super Bowl ad makes it clear, sometimes it is just a Cheetos thing.

As the Big Game approaches, highly anticipated commercials start to be revealed. For the first time in over a decade, Cheetos is returning to the huge pop culture event with this commercial for the new Cheetos Popcorn.

While just a little snippet of the commercial was revealed to fans, it takes an approach that has worked well for other Frito-Lay brands, snacks and music icons.

Check out this clip.

Although the story line might not be an exact replica of music history, the commercial should be quite entertaining. While it has been 30 years since the infamous MC Hammer song (and those stylish pants) was the pop culture moment of the year. It is time for a return (maybe not the pants, though).

As seen in last year’s Frito-Lay Super Bowl commercials, the company likes to blend new and old, especially when it comes to music. From Chance the Rapper to the Backstreet Boys, the new and old seem to find common ground.

In a way, the connection to Cheetos dust is the snacking common ground. Who hasn’t been able to touch something because of Cheetle or Cheetos dust? Those orange fingers are a dead giveaway that Cheetos have been eaten.

In some ways, those colored fingers are a badge of honor for Cheetos fans. It definitely resonates the brand’s campaign of “It’s a Cheetos Thing.”

Over the past several years, Cheetos is more than just a tasty snack that people enjoy. The Frito-Lay snack has produced celebrity chef endorsed restaurants, a clothing line and a myriad of other pop culture connections. In some ways, Cheetos represents a lifestyle influence, not just a popular snack.

As fans wait for the entire commercial to be revealed, one thing remains the same. Whichever Cheetos snack is your favorite, always make sure that you have some napkins on hand when you enjoy it.

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Are you excited to see the Cheetos Popcorn Super Bowl ad? Do you watch the big game just for the commercials?