Hello, Doritos’ Lionel Richie and Chance the Rapper collaboration announced


Say hello to a HOT collaboration. Doritos brings together Lionel Richie and Chance the Rapper for a never done before remix.

Another hot collaboration from Doritos has just dropped. The Lionel Richie song “Hello” has become an iconic part of music and pop culture. Just in time for the Grammys, Doritos brings together Chance the Rapper and Richie for this epic remix of the classic song.

Doritos commercials have brought together some unlikely collaborations. From the Backstreet Boys remix of “I Want It That Way” for Super Bowl 53 commercial to the lip sync battle between Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman in Super Bowl 52, Doritos always seems to find the perfect combination to get people talking. Those remixes are the perfect backdrop to get people talking about their new flavors of snacks.

For this year’s campaign, the focus has been on #NotItsHot. The idea focuses on bringing together hip-hop and pop with a new twist. The blend of new and classic fits in perfectly with the newest Doritos flavor, Flamin’ Hot Nacho.

The Flamin’ Hot Nacho flavor blends that extreme, yet cravable, heat with the classic nacho flavor. The flamin’ hot flavor has etched itself into food fandom. From the spice to the deep red “dust” every part of the flamin’ hot is part of the experience. Nacho is always a classic. Blending the two make for a new experience that people want to try.

With the Flamin’ Hot Nacho, the flavor builds. That first bite doesn’t seem extreme but as the flavor builds. As you eat, that heat keeps having you go back for more and more. It is almost addictive.

This flavor is the best of both worlds, just like a classic with a new twist. This campaign plays well into that balance. New and old blending together to create something innovative and intriguing.

For the next installment of the Now It’s Hot campaign, the Lionel Richie and Chance the Rapper commercial offer a new take on the classic, Hello. Check out this preview clip.

While the entire commercial will not be revealed until later, it will be interesting to see how Chance offers his take on Richie’s song. Will there be an “art” reference? It seems like the piano will be featured. People will have till wait for the Grammys to see the big reveal.

The blend of classic and current is smart for Doritos. It expands the brand to a broader demographic. After all, great flavor is enjoyed by all.

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Are you excited to say hello to a bag of Doritos Flamin’ Hot Nacho and watch Lionel Richie and Chance the Rapper?