Fire vs. Ice: Doritos & MTN Dew epic Super Bowl commercial


Doritos Blaze/MTN Dew Ice Super Bowl commercial, photo provided by PepsiCo

Today’s Super Bowl commercial release was epic. The Doritos & MTN Dew will be the year’s most talked about commercial.

Even the Eagles and Patriots fans will take a break from the gridiron action to watch the epic Super Bowl commercial from Doritos and MTN Dew. As seen in previously released images, the commercial features Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman. In this newest video, these two actors now lip-sync to iconic songs by Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot. Which actor or brand has won the epic lip-sync rap battle? Let’s go!

Doritos Blaze/MTN Dew Ice Super Bowl commercial, photo provided by PepsiCo

The commercial opens with Dinklage lip-syncing to Busta Rhymes song “Look at Me Now.” As the flames burst around him, Dinklage nails the rapid fire lyrics with precision. Morgan counters with Missy Elliot’s “Get Ur Freak On.” With ice cold accuracy, Morgan douses the flames.

While the commercial is meant to highlight the two PepsiCo products, the entertainment value is great. Who doesn’t love famous people doing lip-sync battles? Taking these two popular rap songs and having iconic actors battle it out has huge appeal. Would you have ever thought of Morgan Freeman lip-syncing to Missy Elliot? The iconic actor, with this memorable voice, doesn’t seem like the rap master. The commercial’s premise will have Super Bowl watchers talking about this commercial over and over again.

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Even with the high production value and humor, the connection to the two PepsiCo products is smart. The new Doritos Blaze is a heat-induced, crunchy delight. The spice level leaves your mouth on fire in a good way. These Doritos are not for the timid.

To cool off the Doritos Blaze heat, the MTN Dew Ice is a smart juxtaposition. While I haven’t had the opportunity to try this MTN Dew flavor, I assume that it has a bright, lemon lime flavor. A crisp, citrus flavor should play nicely off the spiciness of the Doritos Blaze.

Truthfully, Super Bowl commercials are meant to be more entertaining that product promotion. Companies want people to talk about the commercial as much as they want consumers to buy the product. Popular actors, smart storylines and humor usually make certain commercials the night’s most memorable. This Doritos Blaze/MTN Dew Ice will probably be one of the most talked about commercials of Super Bowl LII.

Don’t miss this Super Bowl commercial on Sunday. Wait for that bathroom break till the halftime performance.