Doritos Super Bowl LIII commercial will feature Chance the Rapper & Backstreet Boys


Doritos Super Bowl LIII commercial is another bold choice for the iconic snack. Can Chance the Rapper handle the heat?

Doritos Super Bowl LIII commercial should be another epic event. According to the brand, Chance the Rapper will be appearing in this year’s commercial. While exact details aren’t confirmed, the Super Bowl commercial will feature the brand’s newest flavor, Flamin’ Hot Nacho.

Earlier today, Doritos announced the partnership via its social media channels. A simple picture of Chance the Rapper holding a bag of the newest Doritos flavor, Flamin’ Hot Nacho was revealed. What else could appear in this year’s commercial?

Last year, Doritos made a huge splash with its commercial last year featuring Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot. The lip sync showdown had everyone rapping along to the famous songs. Although many people couldn’t keep up with the rapid fire lyrics, the commercial was a huge success.

One of the reasons why Doritos commercials resonate with food fans and pop culture fans is because these commercials provide great entertainment. Whether it is a top of the charts performer or a popular celebrity, the star is featured just as much as the food (in this case Doritos), itself. The premise connects food and fans into something relatable. Yes, famous people can really enjoy Doritos.

Now, Doritos announced a new twist in the commercial. The Backstreet Boys will be joining Chance the Rapper. Check out this teaser clip.

Now, it will be curious to see how these performers interact with each other. Recently, Backstreet has been back in a big way. The retro boy band is back in vogue. Maybe those flamin’ hot nacho Doritos will give them a bigger boost. Or, could Chance the Rapper only want his Doritos the right way. No matter the final plot line, this commercial will surely be a huge hit with many fans.

Using this Super Bowl commercial to promote the newest flavor should see bags fly off store shelves. This new flavor combines two snacking favorites, Flamin’ Hot and Nacho. For snack fans, it is an instant win. Why this combination hadn’t been launched previously is anyone’s guess.

As excitement builds for the Big Game, people will start planning their specific menus. With more tidbits shared about the commercials, many people might want to stock their snack bowls with some featured foods.

Snacks and football watching go hand in hand. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bag of Doritos Flamin’ Hot Nacho on hand when the commercial airs February 3?

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What do you think of this Doritos Super Bowl LIII Commercial featuring Chance the Rapper? Will this commercial be the one everyone loves?