Carrie Bradshaw and The Dude toast Stella Artois in a hilarious Super Bowl commercial


Ready to change up the usual? Carrie Bradshaw and The Dude say goodbye to those classic cocktails and raise a glass of Stella Artois in this Super Bowl commercial.

Do you have a signature cocktail? Sometimes changing up the usual be the spark of something great. Stella Artois, in this year’s Super Bowl commercial, shows that even some iconic characters are ready to switch up their “usuals.”

Some iconic characters have etched themselves into a permanent part of pop culture. For many women, Carrie Bradshaw in Sex in the City was a queen. She was stylish, had great friends and seemed to have the best life (at least most of the time). During her height, who didn’t order that her signature drink, a Cosmo. Sure, that cocktail was a little sweet, but it was such a pretty color and paired perfectly with a pair of Manolos.

If you ever saw The Big Lebowski, El Duderino had his own particular way of life. Whether it was his signature drink, a White Russian, or his choice of footwear, this character was uniquely his own. Still, he always had a sense of the “right.”

Since Super Bowl commercials often make unlikely worlds collide, this ad completely hits the mark. In this year’s Stella Artois Super Bowl commercial, two characters, who probably would never cross paths, find some common ground. It is time for Carrie Bradshaw to meet The Dude.

Check out this year’s Stella Artois commercial.

In this commercial, Carrie says goodbye to her Cosmo and The Dude skips the White Russian. Although The Dude has a little pronunciation issue, the switch finds some common ground. More importantly, this good spirited fun raises awareness for a worthy cause.

In real life, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matt Damon and now Jeff Bridges are joining forces to raise awareness for the “Pour It Forward” campaign. In conjunction with, Stella seeks to educate and fund the campaign to end the global water crisis.

While this commercial has a lot of humor, the message is vital. Switching up your “usual” can help changes people’s lives through Stella’s commitment to According to the brand, “for every Stella purchased from now until March 31, the brand will donate a month of access to clean water to someone living without it.” Why shouldn’t everyone make a simple switch when it benefits a worthy cause?

Of course, the humor in this commercial is the part that everyone will remember. From mispronounced words to spilled drinks, those lighthearted moments are memorable. But, the real message behind this campaign shouldn’t be overlooked. The water crisis is real and can use everyone’s assistance.

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Are you ready to switch up your usual and Pour It Forward? Why not serve a Stella Artois at your big game watching party and help the in the process.