Steve Aoki spins a holistic approach to satisfying snacking, interview

Quest Launches NEW Quest Cheese Crackers, A Protein-Forward Snack Made with Real Cheese, photo provided by Quest
Quest Launches NEW Quest Cheese Crackers, A Protein-Forward Snack Made with Real Cheese, photo provided by Quest /

When Steve Aoki takes the stage, the audience is prepared for an eventful evening. While the infectious beats get everyone moving, the atmosphere invites everyone to let go of the superfluous noise and celebrate the pure joy of the moment. Given that his intense performances require balanced living, Aoki has learned that a holistic approach to food allows him to stay on top of his game. With the help of satisfying snacking from Quest, he is ready to drop another beat.

Recently, FoodSided spoke to Steve Aoki regarding his partnership with Quest and the Quest Cheese Crackers in Cheddar Blast, which have 10g of protein and 5g of net carbs per serving. As many of his fans take to social media to share their musically inspired cheesy duet, the satisfying snacking is more than just grabbing any food from the bowl.

Aoki has been a big supporter of Quest and its various products. He did admit that these Cheese Crackers are part of his backstage routine prior to a show. Specifically, he commented that he is an “impulse food guy.” For him, these Cheese Crackers are something quick that he can grab as he goes on stage, and they offer some sustenance for that energetic performance.

As Aoki went on to explain, his busy schedule can be quite consuming. He said that he always wants to give 100% of his mental, physical, and spiritual energy to everything that he does. For him, a holistic approach to lifestyle choices allows him to find that balance. Instead of that all or nothing approach, it is about finding the appreciation of enjoying it all, but with a few more conscious choices along the way.

Although Quest Cheese Crackers and its other food products can help his business lifestyle, Aoki allows himself some indulgences along the way. Specifically, he said, “pizza is my big indulgence food.” While he appreciates the moments where he “colors outside of the lines” with food indulgences, there are other occasions where healthy eating keeps everything on track. Whether it is enjoying that pizza from his new restaurant at Aria in Las Vegas, Pizzoki, or grabbing a quick protein rich snack to curb a craving, appreciating all of life’s choices can bring a little more happiness to the table.

For Aoki, he encourages people to find that fun in life. As he explained regarding the experience when he “cakes” someone during his performance, that person is “completely freed, unhinged, in a place of joy and ecstasy.” He hopes that people can find that mentally in the moment.

Steve Aoki and Quest Cheese Crackers
Quest Launches NEW Quest Cheese Crackers, A Protein-Forward Snack Made with Real Cheese, photo provided by Quest /

Aoki admitted that even though people may not walk in and be ready for that experience, they can find a way to let their guard down. It is an idea where all the other noise can disappear and, in that state, people can just let go.

While Aoki encourages everyone to just be in the moment, he is “always absorbing, digesting, and learning about music.” Although he admitted that he has “been around the block a few times,” he loves music and appreciates the connection that it offers people. Whether it is his new White Lotus remix or one of the popular tracks that he has produced, there is a beat that can bring people together across generations.

Whether people are longing for the pure joy moment of being cakes or are ready to embrace a holistic approach to satisfying snacking, Steve Aoki pushing the conversation forward one bite at a time. Grabbing a bag of the Quest Cheese Crackers might curb hunger that allows people to put their energy into another enjoyable moment. Satisfy that those impulse craving with a taste that is cheesy in the best way.