Love in bloom without the pollen: Best food bouquets for Valentine’s Day 2023

Grillo's Pickles Valentine's Day bouquet, photo provided by Grillo's Pickles
Grillo's Pickles Valentine's Day bouquet, photo provided by Grillo's Pickles /

For those who prefer to savor Valentine’s Day and not sneeze their way through the holiday, it might be time to skip the flowers and bundle an edible bouquet this year. Instead of giving a gift that can wilt before the romance heats up, food could be the gift that sets the heart a blaze. Hungry for these best food bouquets for Valentine’s Day 2023?

An edible arrangement, food bouquet, or food gift is not necessarily a new idea. While many companies easily assist in creating these tasty treats, the reality is that the gift idea plays into old sentiment about getting to the heart through the stomach.

When picking these types of food gifts, it is best to know a person’s likes and dislikes. For example, if someone is allergic to seafood, it is best to skip the lobster tails. Or, if someone is training for a marathon, find an option that fits into that healthy eating lifestyle. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Grill's Pickles food bouquet for Valentine's Day
Grillo’s Pickles Valentine’s Day bouquet, photo provided by Grillo’s Pickles /

Best food bouquets for Valentine’s Day 2023

Grillo’s Pickles has brought back its infamous pickle bouquet. Whether the gift is for someone who is a little briny or many a good friend is a really big dill, this pickle bouquet could be the perfect gift. And, since it is edible, it could be a reason to enjoy lunch on them.

And, this idea can be made by some creative types. Simply buy some Grillo’s Pickles, wooden skewers and some garnishes. Just like an edible centerpiece on a table, making a food bouquet does not have to be picture perfect. It just needs to taste good.

RXBARquet is the newest addition to the food bouquet conversation. This edible treat brings together a dozen RXBARs in Chocolate Sea Salt and the new Strawberry flavors. In addition, it comes with some other active accessories.

One word of caution with this Valentine’s Day gift, make sure that the message is one that the special someone wants to receive. After all, no one wants to give the wrong idea on Valentine’s Day.

The Maine-based company, The Lobster Trap, has brought back the Maine Lobster Tail bouquet. Featuring four to six lobster tails, it is a gift and dinner all in one. It might be a food gift that could butter up some romance and start a new holiday tradition.

These ideas and many others could be served for Valentine’s Day. From creating your own food bouquets to Edible Arrangements to a variety of other ideas, flowers do not have to be the only items in a vase.