Sydney Sweeney discovers that Bai WonderWater quenches her thirst

Sydney Sweeney for Bai, photo provided by Bai
Sydney Sweeney for Bai, photo provided by Bai /

Many people know Syndey Sweeney from her characters in The White Lotus or Euphoria, but the popular actor has a new role with Bai. After taking a sip of that WonderWater, the talented actress has a new way to stay hydrated and she couldn’t be happier.

In a recent company announcement, Bai shared that Sydney Sweeney is its new ambassador. The partnership is a curious connection since Sydney has long touted her pledge to “only drink water.” Given that Bai is the WonderWater that offers her the variety to keep her hydration fresh.

As Sweeney said, “I took a pledge to only drink water and I’ve stuck with it. I am reinforcing that pledge through a new collaboration with Bai, which I am very excited about. The antioxidant infused beverage has quickly become my go to for every day hydration with my favorite flavors being Brasilia Blueberry and Strawberry Lemonade. My daily water routine hasn’t been the same since I’ve started drinking Bai, it’s WonderWater.”

While Sweeney might prefer the Brasilia Blueberry and Strawberry Lemonade, those flavors are just a small sip of the robust Bai line. With still, sparkling, and even boosted options, there is a beverage that can fit into any lifestyle choice. Plus, the fruit forward flavors are quite refreshing. From starting the day with a bottle as a coffee swap to rehydrating after a strong workout, there is a reason to have a few bottle waiting in the refrigerator.

And, for the culinary creative types, Bai can be more than just a great sipper. The beverage brand’s website offers a plethora of recipes using its various beverages. In addition to mocktails, there are many ways to boost that smoothie, bowl, or other recipe. Personally, the popsicle recipes are ones that everyone loves on a warm day.

It will be interesting to see how Sweeney explores her partnership with Bai and what creative offerings she would pour for all her followers.