This simple chef tip can be the hero at any big game party

While some might consider the big game the second biggest food holiday behind Thanksgiving, the menu might not be as straightforward as the turkey feast. From chips and dips to chicken wings or pizza, the menu choices can be overwhelming. Luckily, this simple chef tip can be a huge win at any big game party.

Recently, FoodSided spoke to Chef Tim Love ahead of this year’s Taste of the NFL event. While many people are excited not only to taste Chef Love’s food but also raise funds and awareness for GENYouth, the event is the ultimate big game party. Although the home cook might not be quite as proficient as the celebrity chefs, everyone can learn a tip or two from them.

Chef Love suggests that if home cooks are going to make something, “cook anything on a stick.” It has a buil- in ease to eating.

Specifically, he recommended cooking lamb chops because the stick is already built into it. Plus, “they are easy to carry around, not tough to cook.”

While this idea could apply to chicken wings, too, the concept is straightforward. People want food that is easy to eat during the big game. From avoiding spilling to being able to cheer for the commercials, it might not be time for a knife and fork dinner. The event is about being able to have a little fun with food.

Overall, Chef Love recommends people not get too fancy with the big game party. He even suggested that some fried chicken makes for a great big game party food. It can be served either warm or cold. The simplicity helps put the focus back on what is important, spending time with friends and watching the game.

And, since any gathering deserves a great cocktail, Chef Love suggests that a margarita can be a crowd pleasure. The simple cocktail can be served in a classic way, or it can be customized with a Tajin rim or some additional flavors. It pairs well with many dishes, from smoked meats to tacos to even that lamb chop.

The big game party is here, and it is time to eat. Take advice this simple chef tip and make the planning easy this year.