Andrew Walker shares how he savors special, sweet moments, interview

Andrew Walker for Envy Apple, photo provided by Envy Apple
Andrew Walker for Envy Apple, photo provided by Envy Apple /

For any Hallmark Channel fan, Andrew Walker is a familiar face. While many of his films have picture perfect, sweet moments, those scenes are not limited to fantastical stories. As a husband and father, Walker understands that there are plenty occasions to savor those times together. Luckily, a few delicious foods, like Envy Apple, can make gathering around the table full of delicious appeal.

Although many people know Walker from his movie roles, the Canadian actor is well versed in the food world. Owning a juice company, Little West, with his wife, he appreciates that better ingredients offer more eating satisfaction. Pursuing the produce aisle at Whole Foods should lead people hunger for that first bite.

Even though one of his Hallmark movies focused on maple syrup, Walker appreciates that a great apple can be one of the most versatile fruits in the basket. Whether it is his kids’ lunch, a robust charcuterie plate, or just a simple snack, a crisp, crunchy apple can satisfy in the best way.

Andrew Walker for Envy Apple
Andrew Walker for Envy Apple, photo provided by Envy Apple /

Recently, Andrew Walker partnered with Envy Apple to showcase why this particular variety holds such delicious appeal. During a recent conversation with FoodSided, Walker shared some of his reasons why Envy Apples are always the delicious choice.

Walker shared, “growing up in Canada, I’m used to eating a lot of Macintosh apples. Unfortunately, there can be times when those apples are mealy, dry, and it can be the worst. While you take that apple with you because you want an afternoon snack, but that bite does not satisfy.”

He has found that with the Envy Apple, “the crunch, juiciness, and flavor is so satisfying.” This particular apple has been cultivated to have balanced sweetness, a satisfying crunch, and an enticing floral aroma.

While there are many apples in the store, Walker believes that Envy Apples will draw people in as they walk through the produce aisle. Walker said, “when I was in Whole Foods with my wife, the Envy Apples drew my eye in. It was the vibrant red color that made me immediately want to stop.”

More importantly, Walker believes that the flavor will have people coming back for more. He said, “this fruit has the perfect balance of flavors. As a juice company owner, I appreciate great flavor. The Envy Apples have an aromatic floral, a balanced sweetness, it really is the perfect apple.”

Although many people love that flavor, there is another aspect to Envy Apples that adds to their appeal, the apples stay fresh and white longer. As a parent, Walker appreciates that kids can be picky and brown apples in the lunch box can mean that the fruit does not get eaten. Luckily, these apples are a winner with everyone in the household.

Envy Apple and Andrew Walker
Envy Apple brings the love one bite at a time, photo provided by Envy Apple /

What advice does Hallmark star Andrew Walker offer about keeping that couple spark?

While there might be a satisfying Envy Apple snack in his household, it takes more than just some tasty food to keep the spark between Andrew Walker and his wife Cassandra. Although Hallmark movies seem to have the answer to any relationship dilemma, Walker has found a few things that work for him and his wife.

For example, Walker believes that communication is key to his relationship. Specifically, he believes that it is important not to “harbor resentment towards each other.” He believes that it is vital to work through concerns.

More importantly, Walker said that “giving each other time to be our best self” is crucial. Whether it is his wife spending time with friends or him working on projects, that alone time is vital to knowing who they are as individuals.

Walker believes that “you need to be your best person without being attached at the hip.” While he firmly believes that they “are better together,” their strength as individuals adds to that connection.

And, since Andrew Walker is one of the most well-loved Hallmark Channel stars, a conversation would not be complete without a question about any upcoming projects. While a new chapter of the Curious Caterer recently aired on Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, fans of the series will be happy to hear that more stories could be on the horizon. It seems that Hallmark fans cannot get enough of Walker and Nikki Deloach in these roles.

While the romance of a Hallmark movie might seem like a storyline only available on screen, no one has to be envious of those characters. Add some delicious appeal to any day with some Envy Apples and let the flavor be a perfect match.