Nutella and pancakes announce they are a match made in deliciousness

(Photo by Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
(Photo by Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

Finding that perfect match is more than a fairy tale dream. While some people get down on bended knee and others shout that devotion from the mountaintop, many people long for the moment when a significant other shares with the world that you are meant to be. Nutella and pancakes are that couple. In a recent announcement, pancakes told everyone that Nutella makes it melt and those sweet words have everyone craving that “significant smother.”

While World Nutella Day just happened and National Pancake Day is around the corner, those food holidays seem like the right occasion for Nutella and pancakes to make it official. It is time to break up with syrup and spread a new love affair on the plate.

As seen in a recent full page advertisement, pancake announced that it is breaking up with syrup and committing to Nutella. It might not be quite as elaborate as a celebrity couple announcement, but it is a big step for the breakfast table. It is time to grab the knife and get spreading the word about this food pairing.

That creamy hazelnut spread can write a love affair in flavor. Whether a simply dollop on the pancake, that ubiquitous heart, or some other sign of devotion, the topping can make that fluffy short stack feel taller.

Even though some people might scoff and say that this food affair is just a passing fad, they have not had the pleasure of enjoying the flavor combination. Although that slow syrup pour can be satisfying, Nutella can be transformed in many ways. A little drizzle is just as tasty as a spreadable topping. The versatility that this creamy topping offers might have been the appeal.

For now, pancake has given syrup its walking papers and Nutella is front and center on the plate. Hopefully this food pairing lasts as long as some of those iconic love affairs and isn’t just a quick fling.