This Is Fire heats up a chicken parm battle in the semi-final, exclusive clip

This Is Fire on OnlyFans TV, photo provided by Only Fans TV
This Is Fire on OnlyFans TV, photo provided by Only Fans TV /

Culinary competitions are hot programming for all types of media companies. One food television show, This Is Fire takes well-known Only Fans creators and puts their culinary talents to the test. As part of the OnlyFans TV platform, this show, like others under the channel, are work safe programming. In this exclusive semi-final clip provided to FoodSided, the chicken parm battle is raising the heat in the kitchen.

Now in its second season, This Is Fire is led by Grandmaster Chef Jojo (Joseph Saady). As the sole judge he sets the task and renders the ultimate decision regarding which Only Fans creator moves on and who heads out of the kitchen. Throughout the episodes, the various creators battle in challenges ranging from scallops to po boys to even enchiladas. Only one person will win and earn the $20,000 prize.

In this Season 2 semifinal episode, Too Hot to Handle’s Nathan Webb and Steven Ditter battle in a Chicken Parm throwdown. While neither one had experience cooking the classic dish, they were ready to implement their knowledge from previous challenges.

This Is Fire shared with FoodSided this exclusive clip from the semi-final episode.

For cooks who have never made chicken parm, the dish is not easy. From a properly cooked, moist breaded chicken breast to a flavorful sauce, it is a difficult dish to master in a short period of time.

While this food television show may not be as difficult as the other competitions, it does require that the dish be decent. Serving undercooked chicken is not going to win any praise. There might be a laugh or two regarding a well-cooked piece of bread or maybe a slightly under seasoned component. Still, the dish cannot be totally inedible.

Whether or not people will put this cooking competition on their must watch food television remains to be seen. But similar to Worst Cooks in America, it gives everyone hope that anyone can make a decent meal as long as there is some effort into the attempt.

This semi-final chicken parm battle episode from This Is Fire premieres today, February 16 on OnlyFans TV.