Gordon Ramsay believes Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars Palace offers the excitement of theater, interview

Chef Gordon Ramsay celebrates Hell's Kitchen at Caesars Palace fifth anniversary, photo provided by Caesars Palace
Chef Gordon Ramsay celebrates Hell's Kitchen at Caesars Palace fifth anniversary, photo provided by Caesars Palace /

While the iconic Las Vegas resort might be overflowing with celebrated restaurants from some of the world’s best chefs, Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars Palace is more than just an impeccable meal in a vibrant setting. As the restaurant enters into its fifth year of service, the flame of excitement continues to burn brightly. During the special celebration, Gordon Ramsay spoke to Cristine Struble and FoodSided about why diners crave a taste of his iconic dishes.

Recently, Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars Palace welcomed its 2 millionth diner. According to the Las Vegas resort, the restaurant has served 783,318 Beef Wellingtons; 489,702 Pan Seared Scallops; 369,863 orders of Lobster Risotto; 716,097 Sticky Toffee Puddings; and 129,569 Notes from Gordon cocktails. While some people have watched the Gordon Ramsay led food television since its first episode in 2005 or tuned into the finale for the 21st season on FOX, that culinary competition changed the food television landscape. Although the fiery retorts added an engaging element for viewers, it was the food that had many people longing for a seat at the table.

When Caesars Palace opened Hell’s Kitchen, it was instantly a hot ticket. Beyond the food television fans who craved that first bite of a Gordon Ramsay signature beef wellington, there is an element of entertainment. Long before the term “eatertainment” was part of the vernacular. Caesars Palace appreciates that restaurants need to dazzle both on and off the plate. Hell’s Kitchen offers that.


According to Gordon Ramsay, he believes that the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant’s success is because “it is the combination of the show’s success and the excitement of theater. There is an element of entertainment. That power of television behind it invites the guest to sit in the red or blue team’s kitchen and see the incredibly passionate chefs cook the meal. It is a full circle experience.”

Although Ramsay appreciates that guests will always want some of those signature dishes, it is more than just the familiar on the menu. Ramsay said, “we are always pushing the boundaries.” Whether it is sourcing local ingredients or blending a British staple with American influence, there is always something that entices a guest to come back to the table.

While many food television fans clamor for that Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars Palace reservation, Ramsay appreciates that the diverse, vibrant, and exciting Las Vegas culinary scene will continue to push chefs. Although Ramsay reminisced and wondered “how the hell did I get in the door” “after putting my knives in a rucksack,” he made a point not to leave and has grown his Las Vegas presence and Caesars Resorts partnership. Now as the whole area is booming, Ramsay is front and center of that success and one of the leaders in that “highly competitive food scene.”

As Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars Palace begins year five, the pace continues to grow. With more Hell’s Kitchen location opening across other Caesars Resorts, there are plenty of opportunities to fully appreciate why that lobster risotto is one of the best bites to be enjoyed. It might not be dinner service from the FOX television show, but an impeccable, delicious meal is always guaranteed when seated at this Hell’s Kitchen table.