Chef Andre Rush reveals how he strengthens leadership on Kitchen Commando, interview

Chef Andre Rush to start in Kitchen Commando from Studio Ramsay Global, photo provided by Tubi
Chef Andre Rush to start in Kitchen Commando from Studio Ramsay Global, photo provided by Tubi /

As the first new show under the Studio Ramsay Global brand, Kitchen Commando on Tubi with Chef Andre Rush makes a statement from the beginning. Although many people might know the veteran and former White House Chef for his impressive physique and his daily push-up commitment, Chef Rush is far from intimidating. While he will demand the work, his philosophy helps to uncover what is possible from the people around him. During a recent interview with FoodSided, Chef Rush shares how leadership leads to validation.

On each episode of Kitchen Commando, Chef Rush introduces the restaurant owners and employees to his philosophy of the four “Ps.” While each component builds on itself, the life philosophy grew out of his military background. Although there is an element of “practice makes perfect,” Chef Rush believes “every person, no matter your race, color, or creed, how much money, you make one of those four Ps relate to you. You want something that’s going to relate to everybody.” As people push themselves, that structural element can help them achieve in all aspects of their life.

Even though Chef Rush is focused on Kitchen Commando, his concepts extend beyond the kitchen and the restaurant. While he believes that he is a “motivational person,” he believes that everyone needs to find and believe in their own organic, authentic self. From there, anyone can and should keep pushing.

As some people find that ability to lead, like he does in Kitchen Commando, Chef Rush believes that leadership is also about following. Asserting the idea that “everyone needs to be a leader in their own perspective,” Chef Rush pushes people to both take charge and to follow. In both positions, the egos fade away and the task to accomplish is the goal. That responsibility to inspire loyalty and derive the best of others and yourself is key to being a good leader.

Although Kitchen Commando can be a story of redemption as the restaurant owners look to improve their situation, Chef Rush believes that these moments are meant to bring people together, engage them, and to have fun. That aspect of mental wellness is just as important as those push-ups that have people pushing away the doubt, despair, and other issues.

As some of these people find redemption in their relationships, businesses and even outlook on life, there is a bigger concept woven into Kitchen Commando. Any restaurant is part of a community. From the people inside the four walls to the patrons who visit the establishment, everyone needs to come together for a successful endeavor.

Chef Andre Rush believes that the community will want to support these businesses organically. He believes that “as long as people put their heart on the table, people will want to support them.” That willingness to put forth the effort will be rewarded.

The long-time mental health support understands that the daily grind is not always a simple one. But, he does believe that anyone can and should try to make a difference in the community. Chef Rush said, “you cannot progress if you keep doing the same thing over and over.” From a mindset change to a willingness to try, that difference is the step forward in progress both personally and within the community.

While Chef Rush transformed some Washington DC restaurants on Kitchen Commando, those four Ps and his philosophy extends beyond the kitchen and screen. A great leader is not born into the position, it is one that comes through following, growing, and persevering. Adding something positive, being active, and feeling good about yourself is the first step to discovering those leadership qualities that will always have people striving for the best.