Kitchen Commando is the first unscripted cooking series from Studio Ramsay Global

Chef Andre Rush to start in Kitchen Commando from Studio Ramsay Global, photo provided by Tubi
Chef Andre Rush to start in Kitchen Commando from Studio Ramsay Global, photo provided by Tubi /

Studio Ramsay Global has just unveiled its first unscripted cooking series, Kitchen Commando. Featuring Chef Andre Rush, the former US Army Master Sergeant and White House Chef brings his version of tough love to struggling restaurant owners. As Tubi viewers get a glimpse of this new culinary series, the compelling stories will have them cheering for a successful outcome.

Gordon Ramsay has built a culinary empire not only in the restaurant world but also on food television. While viewers have come to marvel at his fiery barbs on Hell’s Kitchen or followed his adventures on the Nat Geo Unchartered, every program is founded in a heartfelt connection. Even though some words might be brisk and moments might be tumultuous, the underlying sentiment is positive.

With the new Kitchen Commando series with Chef Rush, the willingness to help struggling restaurants is only part of the story. It is reigniting the passion for the service industry that guides the journey.

As Executive Producer Gordon Ramsay said, “Spending time with Chef Rush, I know firsthand his dedication to the food world, and his story is an inspiration to any chef. And trust me, his arms are no joke!”

Although there might not be a push up challenge in every episode, that dedication and hard work is essential to culinary success. Making conscious decisions to do better, like Chef Rush’s choice to do pushups to raise awareness for veteran suicide, can be add positivity to any life.

In Kitchen Commando, Chef Rush will help Washington D.C. restaurants get back on track. Through the 10 episode series, the hope is to add some discipline into the food business. While these groups might have had the desire to achieve, the journey has not been as smooth as they had hoped. With Chef Rush’s guiding hand, they will be ready to get back on the successful path.

Kitchen Commando will premiere on Tubi, February 12, 2023, which happens to be Super Bowl Sunday.