Sailor Brinkley Cook transforms an iconic image for the plant based generation, interview

Sailor Brinkley Cook evolves an iconic ad image for the next generation, photo provided by Silk Next Milk
Sailor Brinkley Cook evolves an iconic ad image for the next generation, photo provided by Silk Next Milk /

While some people might hear the phrase “Got Milk” and instantly recall a playful campaign where that the “beverage mustache” graced the faces of some well-known celebrities, today’s generation might have a different appreciation for the preferred “milk” in the glass. Today, the plant-based ‘stache is a preferred look for the next generation. As one of the faces of the new Silk NextMilk campaign, Sailor Brinkley Cook shared why this new take is one that blends innovation and nostalgia.

When Silk NextMilk launched this campaign, it was more than just a creative concept that appeals to a wide audience. It is about bringing together the past, present and future of food. While the stars of the campaign might have a familiar surname, they represent today’s generation who has evolved the food conversation. It is not about putting everything into a single category. It is about enjoying life to its fullest.

During a recent conversation with FoodSided, Sailor Brinkley Cook said that she was honored to share a similar image to her mother. While the two have appeared side-by-side in other campaigns, this evolution of the ‘stache allows Sailor to add her own spin. Having followed a plant-based lifestyle for a while, she believes that once people taste the difference, they will be pleasantly surprised.

Sailor told the stories how she made dishes for a former boyfriend and her sister’s fiancé. Although she might not have made a big production over the plant-based ingredients, she believes that the flavor speaks for itself. Specifically, she believes “not compromising on taste” is key to getting more people to incorporate plant-based ingredients, like Silk NextMilk into their eating choices.

Sailor Brinkley Cook for Silk Next Milk
Sailor Brinkley Cook evolves an iconic ad image for the next generation, photo provided by Silk Next Milk /

Since the new campaign is about blending nostalgia and food evolution, Sailor believes that “looking at the past and trying to improve it” is an extension of looking inward. People embrace that shift to balance the excitement of newness and the comfort of the past. Reflecting on the nostalgia trend with food, she said, “we all have those comfort meals that our parents, grandparents or friends made. Growing up those dishes gave us a sense of warmth and happiness. Being able to bring those moments and flavors back is a real joy.”

One recent discover that Sailor found was pouring a glass of Silk NextMilk with some cookies. Although she has cooked with the ingredient and used in various other ways, this simple, old school pairing made her smile. The idea of dunking a cookie in milk like her 6-year-old self is something that many people can appreciate.

Since this campaign is about bringing that ‘stache to a new generation, Sailor was excited to have the opportunity. While she shared that she has always looked up to her mom and her iconic campaign, there is a benefit to challenging the norms. Blending a great message with a smart creative appeals to her.

For now, everyone can see Sailor Brinkley Cook in the Silk NextMilk campaign. Ready to blend the new and old for some exciting flavors?