It isn’t a spell, vegan Butterbeer is being served at Universal

Cold and frozen vegan Butterbeer comes to Universal, photo provided by Universal Resort
Cold and frozen vegan Butterbeer comes to Universal, photo provided by Universal Resort /

Theme parks have learned that guests are demanding more food choices. Beyond the traditional restaurant fare, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and other choices need to be part of the menu. Now, with the addition of vegan Butterbeer, everyone can sip on that magical beverage.

When Universal first launched its version of Butterbeer, Harry Potter fans thirsted for that first sip. Although people had imagined that flavor, the beverage was better than some people had dreamt. Perfectly sweet, refreshing, and undeniably good, Butterbeer has evolved over the years. While people can debate whether traditional, frozen, or hot is the best option, the reality is that every version is quite enjoyable.

Unfortunately, some guests in the Wizarding World were unable to take that sip. With the addition of the vegan Butterbeer, now a wider group can enjoy that whimsical beverage. The non-dairy option has the same flavor, including that iconic froth.

While the vegan Butterbeer is new, Universal has embraced vegan options on its menu. Long before it became standard, the Universal theme parks ensured that there were various options across its dining locations.

Within the Wizarding World, options like Irish Stew, Shepherd’s Pasty Pie, and Mushroom Pie are available. These choices show that vegan and vegetarian dining options are more than just greens on the plate. Sometimes, the vegetable forward choices highlight the chefs’ culinary creativity.

The vegan Butterbeer has many people excited, but there is one change that will never happen to the iconic Wizarding World beverage. There will never be alcohol added to that cup. Like the books, Butterbeer is, and always will be, non-alcoholic. Even if some guests would love a boost to that hot Butterbeer on a chilly night, there is no magic spell that can make it come true.