Leinenkugel Honey Lemon Light brings bright refreshment for warmer weather

Leinenkugel Honey Lemon Light, photo provided by Leinenkugel
Leinenkugel Honey Lemon Light, photo provided by Leinenkugel /

As the ice on the lake begins to thaw, the idea of fun in the sun is on the horizon. While some people turn to that Summer Sandy as their warm weather refreshment, a new can is waiting in the cooler. Ready to sip on Leinenkugel Honey Lemon Light?

Leinenkugel is more than a favorite Wisconsin beer. While there is always an option that is refreshing for those Northwoods adventures, it is more than just that lake beer. Whether paired with some favorite Wisconsin Cheese, brat, or even an elevated dinner, the expert brewers know how to impress with its flavors.

The Leinenkugel Honey Lemon Light fills a gap in the beer brand’s line up. While the Honey Weiss is a classic, some beer drinkers are looking for lighter fare. This particular offering captures that balance. At just 99 calories, it is light, but it keeps the flavor. While there are various light lagers on the market, the lemon and honey add a depth of flavor.

Leinenkugel Honey Lemon Light
Leinenkugel Honey Lemon Light, photo provided by Leinenkugel /

Specifically, the honey used in this beer is locally sourced. That nod to Wisconsin keeps with the brand’s heritage. That sweetness contrasted with the bright lemon adds to the refreshment. More importantly, it lends itself to creative food pairings.

While this beer is delightful with a brat, burger, or other backyard barbecue, more creative options can highlight the sessionable nature of the beer. For example, a boldly seasoned fish taco is perfection with this beer. Or, consider a plate of spicy chicken to contrast the bright, sweet flavor. Given that it is a lighter, lower ABV beer, it feels permissible to have a second beer to enjoy while eating.

And, for a totally unique pairing, the Leinenkugel Honey Lemon Light can be enjoyed with a dessert. Why not borrow from the Wisconsin State Fair and serve this beer with a gigantic cream puff. When in season, a few fresh strawberries can be quite refreshing.

The Leinenkugel Honey Lemon Light beer has just 99 calories and a 4% ABV. It is available now through September. Check with local retailers for availability.