Pillsbury Baking Coffee Frostings bring elevated flavors to the home kitchen

Pillsbury Baking Coffee Frostings and other new products, photo provided by Pillsbury Baking
Pillsbury Baking Coffee Frostings and other new products, photo provided by Pillsbury Baking /

While some people might enjoy a coffee with their dessert, others prefer to have coffee in their dessert. With the new Pillsbury Baking Coffee Frostings, that simple cake is transformed with a bold, sweet flavor.

Coffee has become more than just a morning pick-me up. While some chefs have delicious savory applications, coffee and dessert are a classic pairing. As some bakers appreciate, chocolate and coffee offer a balanced combination. The slight bitterness of the coffee can round out the chocolate flavors. It is a trick that many professional bakers know well.

With the new Pillsbury Baking Coffee Frostings, the two flavor options hold tremendous potential for the home baker. Available in Creamy Supreme Coffee and Creamy Supreme Caramel Latte Frosting, there are some suggested pairings that are a tasty starting point for the new flavors.

For example, the Creamy Supreme Coffee is suggested to pair with a chocolate cake, which is a traditional approach. Another option could be to pair it with a cinnamon cake. The spice from the cinnamon and the sweet coffee frosting could be a new version of a coffee cake.

Thinking of the Caramel Latte Frosting, Pillsbury recommends yellow cake. While that idea is a straightforward approach, consider adding a touch of orange to a vanilla cake. The brightness from the citrus with the sweet caramel latte should be quite enjoyable.

Pillsbury Baking Coffee Frostings
Pillsbury Baking Coffee Frostings and other new products, photo provided by Pillsbury Baking /

What other new offerings are joining the Pillsbury Baking Coffee Frostings?

While spring holiday might have home bakers excited to turn on the stand mixer, the new Pillsbury Baking offerings add some variety to the mix. As Dan Anglemyer, Chief Operations Officer at Hometown Food Company said, “For over 100 years, Pillsbury Baking has been inviting families to share in the joy of baking delicious treats together at home with trending cakes and frostings. With inflation and recessionary spending on everyone’s mind, we’re pleased to be able to offer affordable and exciting options that give store or bakery bought cakes a run for the money! We hope everyone enjoys these fun new frostings that are on-shelf now.”

Two new Funfetti Frostings are joining the line-up. The Dinosaur Vanilla Frosting brings colorful fun to treats. With green, orange, and blue colored dinosaur sprinkles, all ages will want to take a big bite of this sweet offering.

The second offering is S’mores Fluffy Graham Flavored Frosting. This graham flavored frosting could be a game changer for desserts. Even though this idea will work well on a variety of cakes, it could be a new approach to a s’mores. Why not add a little of this frosting to a traditional s’mores to boost the flavor. Or, why not use this frosting as a rim for an over the top hot chocolate or milkshake.

These new Pillsbury Baking frostings along with three Ready-to-Use Frosting Bags are available at various retailers. Check with stores for pricing and availability.